Fate / Zero 02 — A Girl in the Snow

This is the first show I’m picking up to blog this season. I love everything Type Moon and can’t resist.

This episode picked up the pace significantly from the first episode. We’re still introducing the characters, but they’ve begun with the action.

Wanker and the Orangutan

The servant is even more idiotic than the master. But at least he has some ambition. He doesn’t even care about the holy grail war, just wants to conquer the world. Such a straightforward hero isn’t bad once in a while. And he agrees with me that his master is pathetic.

But still, Alexander the great must be rolling over in his grave.


Bluebeard and his partner, however, more than made up for Wanker and the Orangutan. We have a team of two serial killers! This should be fun. In Fate / Stay Night, we didn’t have any masters this downright evil. (Shinji’s murder spree was more pathetic than evil, as was Caster’s once her rationale was revealed.)

I liked the way they introduced these two characters. We already have this guy in a middle of a murder, and then this other guy who looks like a monster out of a horror book appears from a circle of blood. The serial killer tells him to eat the kid. Bluebeard approaches the child, bends down, unties his ropes, and tells him how to leave. Wait, maybe he isn’t so bad after all. He could be a character like Shinji’s Rider. Just a kindly old man.

“Sshhh, watch closely,” Bluebeard tells his master. The child looks towards the exit of the house filled with light, and hope lights up his face. Then he’s grabbed by some tentacles and swallowed whole. A great scene, the way it toys with your emotions.

Breaking and Entering

It’s not that surprising that Kirei betrayed Tohsaka, but his Assassin sure was defeated quickly. I doubt it’s dead yet though. The scene where he broke into the house was very well animated.

I’m curious how Kirei is going to get out of this. He must have a backup plan, since he’s got to stick around to the end to fight it out with Emiya. Maybe he’ll take Rin hostage or something.

The Einzberns

Ilya’s mother is pretty dull at the moment. Too passive. I hope she has some dark secret or something. At least we know she’s going to die.

And little Ilya is cute. I love the snow, we need more anime that includes snow. If they replaced every beach episode with a snow episode I would be a happy camper. Snow is so alluring. And it looks so beautiful.

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6 thoughts on “Fate / Zero 02 — A Girl in the Snow

  1. Aww, no love for Rider? I’m growing fond of the big lug and his mighty pimp hand. Waver is a punk, but I kind of hope he isn’t the first Master to fall just so Rider isn’t out of the show too early.

    Holy hell, Caster. That scene with the kid was legit disturbing, especially since the worst parts happened entirely offscreen and the only thing that registered to us were the screams. Not that I’m surprised to see this kind of depravity from Bluebeard. Caster was certainly well chosen for a murderous, evil sorcerer.

    1. I do love Rider, for the reasons you cited. But he looks kind of silly. 🙂

      And yeah, Caster is awesome. This is going to be intense.

  2. The serial killer tag team was a great addition to the cast, they balance the whole thing with their total disregard for human life and how Uryuu doesn’t seem that interested in the Grail hahaha!

  3. Great follow-up episode. Orangutan telling the Wanker to grow a pair was hilarious. Good characters and visually appealing…

    1. The characters are already this strong, and most of them haven’t even met each other yet. This is going to be a fun ride.

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