Fate / Zero 08 — Death, Thou Shalt Die!

Seriously, with all the blood pouring out of these people you’d think one of them would have died by now. Archibald the Archmage got shot what, an inch above his heart?

Speaking of which: what a terrible name. Archibald. I bet he’s wearing a wig.

Fight Fight Fight!

An entire episode dedicated to fighting. And I have to admit, this is what Fate / Zero is best at. The battles are intense, and this is helped immensely by the spectacular animation.

There were three battles in this episode: Maiya and Irisviel vs. Kirei, Emiya vs. Archibald, and Saber and Lancer vs. Caster. Interestingly, Emiya and his group participated in all three.

The fight with Kirei was quick and intense. Maiya got stomped on and Irisviel got strangled. Irisviel still annoys me: she’s a member of the goody-two shoes poser club along with Saber and Lancer. I do like her a bit more when she’s losing though.

I do like Maiya. She doesn’t waste any time posing, just shoots and runs in with her knife. It’s only Irisviel, Saber and Lancer who do all this posing. and being honorable. Normally this wouldn’t bother me so much, but we have a cast full of trained killers and the main focus seems to be on these three clowns, the ones I care the least about.

In Emiya’s battle, Lancer rescued Archibald at the last second. It seemed to me like his magic circuits were already fried though.

I do like the contrast between the servants and masters with this pair. Both the servants want to have an honorable battle, and the two masters go off behind their backs and try to assassinate each other. Of course I am supporting the masters in this conflict.

As for Caster, it seems that my intuition was correct in that his love for Jeanne was of the “I want to murder her myself” variety. And Saber calling Caster a “monster” seemed to push some buttons. I’m guessing we’ll see something about his past soon.

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4 thoughts on “Fate / Zero 08 — Death, Thou Shalt Die!

  1. Lol. Now that you mention it, Archibald should be dead after using all that blood, but too bad that is not the case. Oh well, at least Kiritsugu knocked some of the cockiness out of him along with his magehood.

    1. He is a mage, and while magecraft in the Nasuverse is so difficult that a master of one discipline may be completely unable to use most others, I reckon he does know a bit of healing magic, and patched himself up. I actually frowned when he threatened to keep healing Kiritsugu as he killed him, because it showed that he might have been able to completely close the wound, but he was probably just boasting and/or such a spell would have taken him far too much concentration or time to be feasible in battle.

    2. Oh man, the first time I read this I saw “at least Kiritsugu knocked some of the cockiness out of him along with his manhood.”

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