Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing 06 — A Prince for your Battleship

The creators really like to play dress up, don’t they?

Scenery Porn

Have I mentioned before how amazing this show’s world looks? I loved in the scene above how they made the camera rotate around it, so you could tell that the scene had depth.

The ships are all amazingly detailed as well. It’s the small things that make the animation stand out, like how Fam and Millia were flying in the vanship, and their hair was getting blown everywhere by the wind.


This episode had some fabulous orchestral music. For half of the show I was paying more attention to the music than what was actually going on. I wish more series would go with music like this, rather than some atrocious J-Pop or whatever the fad of the moment is. I think that J-Pop is the only genre of music I hate more than western pop.

Murderous Rampage

What an evil bastard. I was worried with the empress as a little girl this would turn into one of those “let’s all be friends!” stories, but my fears have been relieved.

Now, I wonder how long it will take the empress to catch onto this? I bet that Fam will kidnap her at some point.

Further Thoughts

  • Nice quote from Giselle.
  • During the race when Fam dumped their extra fuel, she pulled the same trick as Lavie did in Horizon Cave to beat Dio. (yes, I’ve been rewatching the original)
  • Speaking of Dio, he somehow seems younger in this series.
  • Lavie didn’t do the anchor trick in Horizon Cave though. That was pretty badass.
  • These mechanics are great (like their counterparts in the original Last Exile). Not a single one bet on Fam.
  • Mechanics + Teddy = Hilarity

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2 thoughts on “Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing 06 — A Prince for your Battleship

  1. I haven’t discussed Teddy once in my own episodic posts of Fam, but he really is a lot of fun to watch. Almost every scene he’s in pulls a laugh out of me.

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