Fractale 09

Clain, you player you!

He deserved that one.

This was a calm before the storm episode, and it worked quite well. This show is best when it works with the world it has instead of making new things up. I’m cautiously optimistic about the finale – Fractale has been quite decent when it sticks to the core of its story and not random trips off to God knows where or entire episodes of “Clain is a pervert” jokes. It seems like for the finale we will finally resolve the fate of the Fractale system which has been largely ignored for the rest of the show.

In spite of its titular role, we know nearly nothing about the Fractale system. It lets people see and use dopples, but what else does it do? As we saw, it can make fake towns and buildings, but people cannot touch them. So how do people get food? It doesn’t seem like the Fractale system does anything to the physical world (except with Nessa, who is an exception) so how did people get food before, and why do people become starving refugees once the system goes down? It doesn’t make much sense why something which doesn’t influence the physical world could have such an effect. So either there is a lot they aren’t telling us (or I have missed) or there is a gaping plot hole. I wouldn’t be surprised in the latter case though considering how the creators have treated the setting.

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