GIRLS und PANZER — First Impression

This show’s concept was clearly designed by someone who played way too much Scorched3D.

This is quite the silly concept. Cute girls do cute things at school while training in tankery, the most feminine of all the arts.

The cute girls at school part is lacking so far. Our heroine begins by meeting two girls at lunch. She’s already memorized their birthdays from the class roster. Ten minutes letter, they’re swearing vows of eternal friendship and telling each other how much their friendship means to one another. This is not exactly the most compelling character building I’ve ever seen.

But I do have to give GIRLS und PANZER credit for the sheer audaciousness of its premise. It was already ridiculous enough, but then with that zoom out at the end… what the hell? And the whole idea of driving tanks being feminine is fabulous.

3 thoughts on “GIRLS und PANZER — First Impression

  1. Too much Scorched3D? No. Rather too much World of Tanks 😀 Might be fun, I’m gonna give it a chance.

    Sorry for any grammar mistakes. Not my first language.

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