Magi — First Impression

Not quite sure what to make of this yet. It does have an excellent setting, and I like the characters, particularly Ali Baba. The animation and the style remind me of Dantalian no Shoka.

But there are two main things I’m worried about: this show’s apparent love of breast jokes, and the potential to become a dungeon crawler. What did the breast jokes add to this show? Why is a little boy such a pervert? I don’t see how this helps.

Regarding the dungeons, this show has a choice. It can focus on fighting monsters and leveling up, like your typical shounen. In which case it will be well made but ultimately boring and vapid. Alternatively, Magi could focus on this world’s society, with the slavery, merchants, rulers and djinn, in which case it has some potential. Most likely it will be a combination of the two. I’m only worried because the dungeons seem like an obvious set-up for long sequences of fighting.

Also, the Arabian Nights are great and all, but I want a Nasreddin anime. Who’s with me?

6 thoughts on “Magi — First Impression

  1. “[…] and the potential to become a dungeon crawler.” Haha, I had the same thought! When Ali Baba mentioned the word ‘dungeon’ it immediately shot in my head: Please don’t waste your Arabian Nights setting for another SAO! I haven’t spent a thought on Arabian Nights since I was a little kid so my hope was to revive some long forgotten memories. Alas it seems that the series does not have much to do with the original stories. So I guess it will be a long way for your Nasreddin anime!

    By the way, in the whole recent misogyny debate triggered by Tonari it seems that no one complained that this show actually features a slavegirl.

    1. Here I think no one is mentioning the slave girl because the series itself isn’t condoning slavery. It’s clear that they think slavery is wrong. With the Tonari thing it’s not entirely clear.

      The commenters below seem to have put our fears of dungeon crawling to rest.

  2. Nah, they can spend at most 2-3 episodes in the first dungeon, then is all a looong ride to Alibaba´s past and his nation full o slavery and the like. You won´t see them in another dungeon for … ¿ 30 episodes ?

  3. First arc is a dungeon crawler. Second arc is a huge magical fight over a kingdom. Second arc is also way way better. 😀

    (And the boob jokes should calm down after this point. Hopefully.)

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