Grancrest Senki — First Impressions

A lord and his mage begin their world conquest.

This was bad. Very bad. And having read the entire manga just a few days ago, it is obvious to me that it is entirely the fault of a poor adaptation and nothing at all to do with the source material. I encourage everyone to read the first chapter of the manga just to see how much better it is than this.

It’s very strange. You can tell from just the first ten seconds how terrible this was going to be. It’s slow and awkward and generic. Yet in the manga all the characters have so much more character. Take, for example, the lead female, the mage. In the manga she’s a total troll who loves to just screw with the main male all the time. Here it seems like she’s just extremely horny and flirting with him outrageously. Also her voice is the most generic female anime character imaginable, which doesn’t help. None of the characters have any character or any chemistry together in the anime.

So, yeah, I will definitely continue reading the manga and forget this ever existed. I learned my lesson about watching bad anime adaptations of manga I love from Medaka Box.

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