Grancrest Senki Review — D

Heros fight to rule the world.

I recall quite enjoying the manga for this when I read it. But, this anime adaptation was so bad that it left me confused: what in the world did I like about it? It’s pretty hard to see anything good from the anime adaptation.

Where to begin? Perhaps with the two main characters. Wow, they are so fucking boring. They don’t have the slightest bit of personality either. Theo does whatever is the most noble thing all the time. The girl starts out independent but quickly transforms into his bitch, who’s permanently in heat. Most of the other characters (both male and female) likewise fall in love with our hero Theo for no apparent reason. What do these people see in him? He tries to be noble and is good at hitting things with his sword, but that’s about all I can see.

Then there’s the setting. Most of it feels totally superfluous. There are these magical crests which  somehow or other make people the rulers. So they fight over these crests and try to become powerful. I don’t understand why they even need the crests… Then, like five episodes in, they introduce werewolves and vampires for some reason. There’s also magic. And ninjas. It kind of felt like they were just making shit up as they went along. And none of the aspects they introduced seemed at all well-developed or thought out.

Let’s talk about the politics. It’s dumb. Like, pretty sure Donald Trump could outnegotiate these people dumb. It’s a radical new ideology that no one has ever thought of before that maybe, just maybe, the ruler should try to keep the peasants happy. Most of the political problems in the world could be solved if people bothered to attempt to communicate with one another. But some people just want to have fun (a.k.a. murder and pillage).

I should say something nice… I like the main character’s outfit. I guess.

Mostly, though, it was simply extraordinarily boring.

  • Storytelling – D – Bad.
  • Voice – C – Somewhat unique, I guess. Not really in a good way.
  • Characters – F – Terrible. (and I recall liking them in the manga! wtf happened?)
  • Attention Grab – F – Wish I’d dropped this after the first episode.
  • Production – B – Actually quite good in some of the action scenes. Varies a lot.
  • Overall – C

Recommendations – Guin Saga, Utawarerumono, Arslan Senki

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