Greatest Anime Webpage Ever

Check it out, you have to:

Thanks to fnzna / karageaz for bringing this masterpiece of modern web design to my attention. I cannot wait for this series to air now, it is going to be glorious.


What makes me even more psyched is that the site features an interview with Ichiei Ishibumi, the creator of High School DxD (and some crossover artwork!). Here’s a translation of the main thrust of the interview:

Can hot-blooded action and tits go together?

They can! Yes they can!

16 thoughts on “Greatest Anime Webpage Ever

  1. “this masterpiece of modern web design”
    Sometimes it’s hard for me to find out if draggle was honest or using irony.
    But I personally think that the design is total failure.
    It failed most rules stated in

    Ugly flash animation (?).
    Glaring and blinking text in huge font.
    Marquee text. A technique that only noob uses.
    The background is not seamless.
    Bad contrast between text and background.
    Uses too many colors, for no apparent purpose.

    It amuses me at how silly some web designers are.
    That’s why “no squint” is my favorite Firefox add-on.

    1. Lol come on did you seriously think I was being serious??! That has to be the worst webpage I’ve ever seen. It makes geocities web pages from the 90s look good. I can only hope they made it so awful as a joke. I kind of doubt it though…

        1. OH MY GOD THANKS FOR MENTIONING IT, I had no earphones the first time and almost missed on that.

          It’s a MIDI. It’s a FUCKING MIDI XD. It’s just… this is done on purpose. I can’t imagine it otherwise. It’s like the Sharknado of anime.

          1. LOL I didn’t even notice it was a MIDI. Yeah, this is awesome, it has to be on purpose. 🙂

        2. Thankfully I had my volume turned off so I didn’t get ears cancer. 😛
          This is worse than those websites that I saw as a elementary school kid.

          1. Seriously. I had a geocities website in middle school, it was much better than this. 🙂

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