Kill la Kill 24 — For the Sake of Girls’ Fashion!




The final boss is a condom. Gamagoori X Mako forever (but lesbian ending). Senketsu is boss. Nonsensical is our thing. Best show of the season, obviously.


A tragic ending. Tommy Paper leaves Puff in that cave.


But also a happy ending filled with hope for the future.

I could fill this post with 500 pictures of awesome Nui faces but I’ll restrain myself.

4 thoughts on “Kill la Kill 24 — For the Sake of Girls’ Fashion!

  1. Funny how during the final battle the Nudists where the ones with the most clothing. Also censorship just stopped mattering at some point.

    1. LOL excellent point. The nudists ended up being the least dedicated to their cause… And at the end they even appear to intend to wear clothes. Well at least one of them.

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