Grisaia no Rakuen (and Meikyuu) Review — D


Let me just summarize the first few episodes to give you an idea for the flavor of Grisaia. Yuuji starts off being sexually molested by his sister. Then he murders his father and his mother hangs herself. He’s taken in by a man who repeatedly dresses him up as a female raid and rapes him. He might be about ten years old at this point. Then he murders some other guy who tries to rape him, and gets sent to the terrorist training camp, where they try to make him murder his best friend.

Then he gets taken in by a woman who gives him a sniper rifle as his birthday present. She’s a kind mother figure who sleeps with him (he’s maybe 13 at this point?) and encourages her friends to do so as well.

Then his puppy is eaten by a bear.


The rest of the show is similar.

It’s absolutely terrible.

And absolutely hilarious.

  • Storytelling – D – So unbelievably dumb, it reaches the point of comedy.
  • Voice – B – Definitely nothing else like it. (Thank God.)
  • Characters – D – Yuuji is the guy from Mahouka. The haremettes are… weird…
  • Attention Grab – A – No one could accuse Grisaia of being boring.
  • Production – C – Looks fine.
  • Overall – D

Recommendations – Mahouka, Guilty Crown

3 thoughts on “Grisaia no Rakuen (and Meikyuu) Review — D

  1. Come’on, it deserves an A+. It’s the best thing eva.. says no one.

    Well I like Grisaia but I kinda agree with your rating. It’s harem, sexual innuendos and ridiculousness mixed into a series. I just can’t seem to hate it despite my general distaste in the harem genre.

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