A Seasonal Review: Spring 2015

Note that this is for last last season, not last season. I’m totally this far behind only because I was waiting for Kekkai Sensen to finish. Obviously.

UnwatchedAce of Diamond 2, Baby Steps 2EtotamaGhost in the Shell Arise: Alternative ArchitectureGunslinger StratosHello!! Kiniro MosaicHoukago no PleiadesKuroko no BasukeKyoukai no RINNEMahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha VividNinja SlayerRe-Kan!Sailor Moon Crystal, Uta no Prince-sama

sidonia_oregairu_triage_4 triage_x_01_1

24. Triage X — F
Sexy nurses get hot beef injections.

dungeon_ni_deai_01_1 dungeon_ni_deai_01_2

23. Dungeon Pickup Artist — D+
Girl glomps boy, magical strings keep her clothes on.

grisaia_mikagura_nisekoi_1 grisaia_no_rakuen_01_1

22. Grisaia no Rakuen — D
Yuuji is sexually molested as a child, then his puppy is eaten by a bear.

nisekoi_s2_01_2 nisekoi_s2_01_1

21. NisekoiC-
A boyfriend and girlfriend can’t admit that they like each other.

gintama_s3_2 gintama_s3_1

20. Gintama — Ongoing
Poop jokes.

plastic_memories_review_3 plastic_memories_01_1

19. Plastic MemoriesC-
Boy makes love to his robot co-worker before she dies.

show_by_rock_01_1 show_by_rock_01_2

18. Show by Rock!! — C
Girl needs to transform into a nekomimi maid rock star before she can make friends.

denpa_kyoushi_01_2 denpa_kyoushi_2_02

17. Denpa Kyoushi — C
Otaku loser teaches school. Probably a lolicon.

assassination_classroom_01_1 assassination_classroom_01_3

16. Assassination ClassroomC+
Students try to murder their teacher.

owari_no_seraph_02_05_7 owari_no_seraph_02_05_11

15. Owari no Seraph — Ongoing
Shinoa~~~~ mai waifu~~~~

fate_stay_night_ubw_13_16_12 fate_stay_night_ubw_11_12_7

14. Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works — C+
Rin makes funny faces.

grisaia_mikagura_nisekoi_2 mikagura_gakuen_01_1

13. Mikagura Gakuen KumikyokuC+

arslan_senki_01_2 arslan_senki

12. Arslan SenkiOngoing
“But your Highness, you are you.” Deep.


ore_monogatari_01_2 ore_monogatari_01_1

11. Ore Monogatari!! — B-
High school students get really embarrassed when talking to their boyfriend / girlfriend.

nagato_yuki_01_2 nagato_yuki_01_1

10. Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu — B-
Girl likes playing video games. Has serious psychological issues and reads books instead.

kekkai_sensen_review_1 kekkai_sensen_01_2

9. Kekkai SensenB-
People blow shit up.

punch_line_01_2 punch_line_01_1

8. Punch LineB-
Boy gains superpower by peeking at underwear.

jojo_stardust_crusaders_01_1 mahouka_jojo_1

7. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders — B
It was me, Dio!

shokugeki_no_soma_review_1 shokugeki_no_soma_01_1

6. Shokugeki no SomaB (ongoing)
People eat food so good they orgasm.

high_school_dxd_born_01_1 high_school_dxd_born_01_2

5. High School DxD BorN — B
A nipple isn’t a doorbell!!!! A woman’s breasts are infinity incarnate!!!

yamada_kun_review_2 yamada_kun_review_1

4. Yamada-kun to 7-nin no MajoB
High schoolers kiss like crazy.

hibike_euphonium_09_10_20 hibike_euphonium_08_3

3. Hibike! EuphoniumA-
Lesbians blow their instruments.

yahari_ore_01_2 yahari_ore_01_1

2. Oregairu — A-
Some asshole makes all his friends miserable.

sidonia_oregairu_triage_2 sidonia_oregairu_triage_1

1. Knights of SidoniaA-
A boy creates a harem including a girl with a robotic arm and a tentacle monster.

What were your thoughts on the season? Feel free to share in the comments.

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