Plastic Memories Review — C-

Robots die.

The parts of this show dealing with death are actually pretty good. The show does a good job at portraying death and how various people react to it.

The problem with the show is most everything else. First of all, the romance. Here’s why the boy loves the stupid moe robot girl:

plastic_memories_review_2 plastic_memories_review_3

True love.

There is absolutely no reason these two should fall in love. Aside from the fact that they’re both idiots. I just don’t understand it. Nor can I particularly bring myself to care about their relationship. Orange is a much better ship. Orange is actually able to take care of herself. But nope, have to fall in love with the weak girl who can’t even walk without a man to help her.


Furthermore, their relationship is creepy as hell. She’s a robot. Now, ok, that’s fine, since she’s basically indistinguishable from a human. But— she is the company’s property. It’s basically slavery. Furthermore, they design all the robots so they die after ten years. Now dating someone who is a slave of your company is a bit more creepy. Not to mention the larger issues, which are completely ignored, since robots loves the company. I thought they would get into the enormous ethical issues inherent in the setting but they never even seemed to think about it.

Anyway, setting all this aside, the show ended up being a bit boring at times. It’s mostly company workers sitting around doing everyday things and being insufferably nice to each other. Not too exciting. Although it has some nice emotional climaxes, and I generally enjoyed the parts dealing directly with death.

  • Storytelling – D – Romance was awful, robots dying was okay.
  • Voice – C – Never seen robots and humans falling in love before…
  • Characters – D – Hated Isla but the rest were okay.
  • Attention Grab – C – Dozed off occasionally.
  • Production – B – Looks fine.
  • Overall – C-

Recommendations – Eve no Jikan, Mikakunin no Shinkoukei, Mahoromatic

3 thoughts on “Plastic Memories Review — C-

  1. Yep the “romance” between Tsukasa and Isla is so TERRIBLE! I mean really? The dude falls in love with a machine? Might as well date his toaster or microwave after she died since obviously he is more attracted to that instead of living people…also the lame fact the Giftia have a short lifespan? WTF? Bad design much? But I get that they are sorta like computers or cell phones cause eventually you gotta replace or buy new ones right? Anyway yeah Plastic Memories has HUGEEEEE issues and the death part is just a way to force us to have an emotional reaction much like Ano Hana.

    I gave it a 5/10 cause I was only half interested in this and wanted them to focus more on the scifi angle and not the romantic angle.

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