Guilty Crown 10 — Watching Shuu is Suffering

A chronology of my face as I watched this episode. Although, I should clarify, I never looked nearly as obnoxious as that guy in the last picture.

Shuu Shuu Shuu I Hate You

I went into this episode perfectly refreshed, looking forward to what would happen next.

That lasted all of five seconds, until Shuu opened his mouth. This kid is pretty much the culmination of everything I hate. He’s completely full of himself, thinks he’s the second coming of Jesus H. Christ, and is a miserable coward who wallows in self-pity. The only thing he cares about is chasing skirts, and somehow every female in the show is madly in love with him.

Oh, and speaking of skirt chasers, Shuu couldn’t have chosen a better role model:

The obvious conclusion is that this woman is Shuu’s sister.

Never Seen This Before

The only difference is, one of these scenes wasn’t just tacked on as an afterthought, and we actually cared about one of these people.

The Good Parts

I will say, though, this episode wasn’t all bad. There were a few redeeming moments.

For the first redemptive moment, I’m not sure why Ayase was surprised. But I had some hope that she would beat the crap out of Shuu again. Alas, my hopes were dashed.

Next I had a faint, dim hope that Shuu’s head would get blown off. But alas, this was also not to be.

Hare ends up delivering. If she hadn’t slapped him, I would have lost all respect to her. She seems like a decent person, except for the fact that she has godawful taste in men.

Shuu also managed to slightly redeem the show (although certainly not himself) by slapping Inori and calling her a monster. Why did we just completely forget about how she betrayed him, again?

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8 thoughts on “Guilty Crown 10 — Watching Shuu is Suffering

  1. Shuuuuuuuuuuuuu Shuuuuuuuuuuu what is your problem! Calling Inori a monster was kind of harsh I don’t like her but a monster was a bit much…ah well I get it Shu is being sad because he killed Jun like that. At least Hare is smart enough to slap him around for a bit…thanks for that Hare.

    I did love the fact Gai went ahead and went through with the mission without having Shu’s help, good job! And finally a reveal into why he is fighting ever week.

    Last thing! Inori’s new stealth suit = amazing now to see if cosplayers will try that? LOL

    1. It’s not like Shuu has done much aside from whining… They could do missions just fine without him until a week or two ago, so I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

      And yeah, Inori’s new “stealth” suit… I think it’s designed to attract attention rather than avoid it…

  2. They should do another version in which we see everything from Gai’s perspective (UNLESS HE DIES).

    While at it, why not redo the two seasons of Code Geass from a commoners perspective. See what happens.

    1. They should do another version in which we see everything from Gai’s perspective

      Please, no! Watching this story once is bad enough! After it’s done, let’s bury Guilty Crown deep and never speak of it again.

      I don’t think Code Geass from a commoner’s perspective would be all that interesting. It’s about the PATH OF KINGS, after all. 90% of what made that show awesome is Lelouch, the actual fight to liberate Japan and whatnot isn’t particularly interesting to me.

  3. Shu’s personality has been ping-ponging all over the place, and way too much in 10 episodes. This is rock bottom for him, but I think this is something the series is gonna keep going thru every 2-3 episodes. It’s really annoying to watch when there is other interesting stuff in Guilty Crown.

    1. Really? I thought his characterization as a sub-human spineless wuss was fairly consistent. 🙂

      It’s really annoying to watch when there is other interesting stuff in Guilty Crown.

      Like Inori’s costume (or lack thereof) and the physics of pressing buttons with buttocks?

      1. His decision to not take Gai’s offer in episode 2 was alright, it’s just everything afterwards. It’s like what flavor of Shoe are we gonna get this week? A moment like this was bound to happen, but everything leading up to it gives me zero sympathy for the guy; nothing about him is redeeming enough to where I think, “man, must be tough in your shoes.”

        And yes, Inori’s new outfit is far more interesting! Tsumugi’s butt is some great backstory and Haruka & Hare have great plots that are very detailed. 😉

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