The Rape of Akarin — Eleven Days of Advent and One Day of Christmas #3

Yuruyuri was a guilty pleasure of mine this year. It combines the innocence and fun of K-On with lust and yuri.

My favorite moment from the series was Chinatsu’s attempt to kiss Akarin. We always knew Chinatsu was somewhat twisted, but we never expected her to become a rapist.

The scene begins with Akarin and Chinatsu talking. Chinatsu wants to do “this and that” to Yui. Akarin is afraid. Very afraid.

Part of what makes this scene great is how crazy Chinatsu is, but my favorite part is Akari’s reactions. You’re not imagining it, that’s her hair flying off her head.

Akari knows she’s being taken advantage of.

But Chinatsu goes in for the kill kiss.

Run, Akari, run! This was one epic chase. It put action movie car chases to shame.

In the end, Akari is captured. I bet she wishes she were invisible now.

Sure it is…

And the moment is only sweetened when Kyouko and Yui walk in and interrupt Chinatsu in the act.

Chinatsu, evil doesn’t pay.

This was one of the moments that made me laugh the most this year.

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9 thoughts on “The Rape of Akarin — Eleven Days of Advent and One Day of Christmas #3

  1. Dang, this was one of my top 12 moments too. It’s a pity they didn’t show the lips make contact.

    Include the pic of Akarin’s aftermath too! Her face was hilarious…

  2. Ahhh yes! Yuru Yuri one of my surprise hits of that season! Seriously I did not think it would become so damn funny! And this moment was sooo amazing, I laughed watching Akarin try to run away and then forced kiss…

    Poor Akarin, and I liked the next episode after she forgot the whole thing! That or she blocked it from her memory…

    1. I didn’t think it would be that good either, but it turned out hilarious. Speaking of which, I can’t wait for Milky Holmes second season!

      Akarin is an Invisible Child, no one notices what happens to her.

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