Gundam Build Fighters Try Review — B


Another Gunpla tournament player begins.

What r042 said (much better than I would have said it). Also, the shipping isn’t as good. ūüôĀ

But despite not living up to the original, Gundam Build Fighters Try is still pretty great. Episode 25 was particularly amazing.

  • Storytelling – B¬†–¬†Thematically much weaker than the original.
  • Voice – A¬†–¬†Still loving it.
  • Characters – C¬†–¬†They really screwed up Fumina’s character… And despite having¬†less characters than the original, they seemed less¬†well developed.
  • Attention Grab – B¬†–¬†Seems slower than the first series.
  • Production – B¬†–¬†Looks good. Awesome OP.
  • Overall –¬†B

Recommendations –¬†I have nothing.

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