Hanasaku Iroha 10 — Goddess Ohana

Who is this Madoka person? There is no God but Goddess and His name is Ohana.

Does anyone know who the fox and the little girl hiding in the corner are supposed to be? My knowledge of Japanese mythology is unfortunately quite limited…

Ohana spent most of this episode in bed with a fever. It was light on drama, but I still enjoyed the episode immensely. It did an excellent job portraying the mild sense of disorientation you get when you’re sick through some messing around with the chronology of events, and Ohana’s confused decision to go back home.

Ohana’s actions in deciding to work even though she’s sick were right in line with what I would expect her to do. Everyone else’s reactions to her illness were more amusing: from cooking her food, getting jealous, and reading her erotica about her grandmother. The last one probably would have been a pretty awkward situation if she were more awake.

Unfortunately it does look like we’ might get a Minchi —> Tohru —> Ohana love triangle. I’m not really a big fan of this setup, especially when one way is completely hopeless. Tohru has no chance. Nako seems to be the only one who’s missing all the action.

One thought on “Hanasaku Iroha 10 — Goddess Ohana

  1. My theory is that the little girl is the goddess of the shrine, the one Nako told Ohana about in the first couple episodes. She gets lost easily and Bonburi Fest is supposed to help guide her and the other gods on their journey. My theory is that the crane we always see is also her manifestation or is related to her in some way.

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