Hidan no Aria AA — First Impressions


Hidan no Aria lesbian spinoff.


It’s basically like Hidan no Aria except with slightly more lesbians and slightly less stupidity. If you’ll recall, the unbelievable stupidity was the best part of Hidan no Aria. (And also that batshit strip parachute girl.) So I must say I was disappointed. But presumably there will be more lesbians later on.

3 thoughts on “Hidan no Aria AA — First Impressions

    1. Yeah I speak Spanish. Although I don’t get much practice, I try to watch anime and read at least a book in Spanish every year or two so I don’t forget.

  1. Well she’s saying
    Lezbo1: “Do you carry the gun ?”(not so subtle hint)
    L2:”with this there’s no problem”

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