Hyouka — First Impression

At first I was underwhelmed. Yet another school life show. And Houtarou is lazy just like another version of Kyon.

But then we’re saved by the power of CURIOSITY! Pretty cool scene hair, with Chitanda’s hair growing out to form a spider web and entrap Houtarou. 

The whole show is gorgeous. I particularly loved the watercolor(? I don’t know jacksquat about art) style they used when telling the stories.

Awkward Love

The portrayal of the first crush here is superb. None of the usual beating around the bush or denial. Houtarou knows he likes Chitanda. And so he’s embarrassed around her.

He averts his eyes when she’s speaking to him.

But it’s secretly the happiest moment of his day that he plays over and over in his memory afterward.

He can’t look her in the eye. He’s too nervous to invite her to spend time with him flat out, but spends all his energy in concocting an elaborate excuse. I’m not buying it that he was too lazy to walk to the other side of the building. He did all that because he wanted to see the way her eyes light up when her curiosity is piqued again.

I especially liked the composition of the above scene. Chitanda and the third wheel are talking to each other, and Houtarou is left by his lonesome. You can’t see his face, but I know exactly what it looks like. He’s pissed. Pissed that he’s not the one making small talk with Chitanda. He’s not angry at his friend, or the girl, but at himself. In case you couldn’t guess, I was this guy.

A Computer Scientist

That’s what Houtarou’s going to be when he grows up. He sees life as an optimization problem. And spends more energy on saving energy than he actually saves.

15 thoughts on “Hyouka — First Impression

  1. I had simular impressions of “oh, it’s a combination of Kyoani works, just in a different setting.” Well, it’s fairly interesting and the animation looks nice, although the use of classical music caught my attention. Nobody ever would have thought of that.

    Still, I hope the mysteries get interesting later on.

    1. I do like it though. KyoAni doesn’t generally do more serious romances (I presume this will be one). The closest they’ve done is probably Munto (haha I just broke my vow to never mention that show again).

      And I agree, the mysteries themselves are fairly weak. I hope that doesn’t become the focus, so far I’m optimistic.

  2. I hadn’t noticed all the little tidbits about the crush. Or rather, I didn’t read into them the same way you did, and now that you mention it they make a lot of sense. Man, this is why I love reading blogs.

    Of course, it still doesn’t make up for Mr. Orator (or as you dubbed him, “the third wheel”) and the lackluster episode plot. Here’s hoping the next episode is more…interesting.

    1. I didn’t mind the other guy or the plot, but that’s probably because I was concentrating on shipping. The mysteries were fairly benign though.

  3. “At first I was underwhelmed. […]” Not me. Production of the first 30 seconds must have cost more than the entire Mirai Nikki anime! It looked almost a bit braggy to me.

    “Yet another school life show.” I disagree on this one. KyoAni’s resouces should best be spent on fluffy school life imo. Just take a look at the waste G.C. has been!

    I second John Sato: “I hadn’t noticed all the little tidbits about the crush. Or rather, I didn’t read into them the same way you did, and now that you mention it they make a lot of sense. Man, this is why I love reading blogs.” More precisely: This is why I love reading *your* blog as you have quite a knack of discovering and pointing out these subtle details in a character’s behaviour and emotions!

    “In case you couldn’t guess, I was this guy.” So that’s why! Poor draggle, I hope you got the girl in the end!

    1. Oh, I disagree with myself as well! I did end up liking the episode a lot. And I wouldn’t complain if they made ten or twenty Nichijou clones, it’s impossible to get enough of that!

      Poor draggle, I hope you got the girl in the end!

      Well, to make a long story short… I was about to get the girl, but then I started high school and lost interest for no apparent reason. I guess the chase is half the fun? I have no idea why, honestly. Real life makes less than anime sometimes.

  4. Animation looks amazing, but I said the same thing about another series last year *cough* Guilty Crown *cough* but ya I thought the same damn thing! Main dude is Kyon clone…and main girl is kinda derpy while she is cute! Third wheel would not shut up! Ahahaha the whole episode he rambled on and on.

    I really hope the mystery keeps things interesting for this series xD

  5. I definitely love how they portrayed the “love at first sight” scene. The animation is gorgeous and pretty.

    I like everything about this episode… Except the mysteries. I’m not saying that the mysteries are not impressive, considering how it ended up being a “fake mystery.” Somehow the mysteries failed to make me feel attached to it because they feel so weak. I just hope that the mysteries will be better.

    1. Agreed, I couldn’t care less about the mysteries either. But they were worthwhile I feel, if only for how they were used to build the romance.

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