Inu x Boku SS 03 — More Costumes!

This show’s creators sure know what the viewers all want: Ririchiyo in more costumes!

This episode featured her school uniform. This is one of my favorites yet. We have long socks, a skirt and blouse, a bib, and a lab coat. So badass. It’s a combination of a Japanese school girl, a mad scientist, and an eighteenth century gentleman.

I’m less enthusiastic about the dress, but it’s cute too. I like the hairband.

And I counted at least two new costumes in next week’s preview!

Raging Libido

Nobara says out loud what all the viewers are thinking.

Thumbs up!


The words Ririchiyo chooses to describe her frustration with Soushi’s kiss are interesting. Her anger is mainly fueled by jealousy, most likely. But what she says is different: that he can be nice to someone with no real feeling behind it. For much of the show, Ririchiyo has been bemoaning the fact that she can’t do exactly this! (Well, she can’t be nice to someone with real feeling behind it either, but…)

Could she not just be jealous of the kiss, but jealous that she can’t show empathy like he can?

6 thoughts on “Inu x Boku SS 03 — More Costumes!

  1. This episode was actually the turning point regarding my feelings for Ririchiro. I actually managed to sympathize with her, and of course, loved the lab-coat/bib/skirt/blouse uniform you mentioned. ;D I’m also curious about the reasons behind her jealousy. Overall, I found this episode MUCH more interesting than the previous ones. 🙂

    1. I’m not sure that I would say I enjoyed it more (probably about the same) but I can see why you would say that. It does have a bit more to think about than the earlier unfortunate, wealthy ojou-sama going off alone to live in a mansion.

  2. I actually have a different interpretation, if you read my post. One of the key points of this episode was the insincerity of humans that Ririchiyo experienced throughout her life, from the maids of the Shirakiin household to the people who pretend to be her friend to get close to a family with a lot of money and influence.

    While she probably has some jealousy when she saw them at the gate, she didn’t become disgusted until they were discussing it and he said that he doesn’t feel anything for the unknown girl at all.

    I think she hates insincerity too much to be jealous of his ability to do that, but rather is angry at him for being insincere to someone else.

    1. I think her own feelings are probably muddled in this regard as well, so it’s hard to say. But either way I think her anger is more misdirected anger at herself than anger directed at Soushi. Ririchiyo claims to hate insincerity more than anything else, but she is by far the most insincere person in the show, even more than her father who straight up told her he didn’t care about her. She acts like she hates everyone even though she just wants to make friends. I guess the question of whether she is being insincere or ought to be insincere boils down to the question of whether her true self is defined by her actions or by what she wishes she had done after the fact.

  3. I dropped this show for now.

    I find certain recurring parts of her clothing (which we discussed last ep.) quite a drag down and apart from the fashion this show is just too annoying.

    I’m following too many shows anyways and some (Brave 10, Papakiki) turned out to be surprisingly good imo.

    1. Understandable. I still find the sparkles and the raging lesbian amusing, so I’ll keep watching it. But the stockings do partially ruin most of the costumes…

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