Guilty Crown 14 — Belch

I thought this show couldn’t possibly get any dumber. Boy was I wrong.

I started to write a song again this week. But halfway through I decided it wasn’t worth it. This episode doesn’t even need me to make fun of it. If Guilty Crown were a parody, this episode would have been brilliant.

So these kids in high school are alone and have been surrounded by an armada of giant killer robots for weeks. What do they do in response? Why, conspire to impeach the student council president, of course! It’s not as if they have more pressing concerns like what to eat and how to survive. These guys make Newt Gingrich look classy. Well, almost. They’re not that bad. At least not until they draw a gun and decide to assassinate the president as a backup plan.

Next, we get an emotional scene where Inori and Tsurumi discuss how lonely they are. How sad. Shuu spies on them from behind a tree and is easily spotted.

It turns out Tsurumi has a tool that measures the numeric power level of people’s voids. She just happened to trip over it on the ground somewhere. Inori has so many emotional problems that she overloads the machine. It doesn’t detect Shuu as a human.

Next the Knightmares massacre a bunch of civilians. Daryl is upset because they weren’t killed with love.

A brilliantly engineered wall begins to advance and crush buildings and corpses within the quarantine zone.

The purple haired guy tells the students he’ll let them go if the bring him members of the Undertakers. Of course the only way to tell if someone is in the Undertakers is if they have a tatoo on their back. Everyone starts taking off the girls’ shirts.

The plans to replace the president advance. Hare tells Shuu he can be the king of the school. Not the president, the king. Shuu poses and humbly declines.

Shuu decides that Inori is in danger of being unmasked as a terrorist and runs to find her. He’s too late though. She’s already murdered the group that tried to rape her. Shuu doesn’t notice.

Ayase and Tsurumi are captured. At the school assembly in the impeachment proceedings, Newt (I’m not sure what his actual name is) says that if they vote for him, he’ll deport all the Mexicans terrorists.

Newt begins to take off Ayase’s shirt and start a giant orgy. The girls are the most enthusiastic participants.

After waiting a couple minutes until Ayase’s shirt is almost off, Shuu says “Wait!” from the back of the room. The entire assembly instantly becomes silent in respect. Shuu slowly walks to the front of the room.

“I’m in the Undertakers too. Can you guys leave this to me? I have an idea.”

With such a respected man of action as Ouma Shuu speaking to them, the assembly unanimously decides not to rape him too, but to join the Undertakers instead.

Tsurumi’s holographic doubles are handed over, and the robots murder the person who turned them over too. Cue Tsurumi magical girl transformation sequence.

Shuu gives a rousing speech. “To me, you all looked afraid because there was so much you didn’t understand. So I made one fact perfectly clear. Now we can move forward. I want you all to calm down.”

Newt is afraid and doesn’t understand. He pulls a gun on Shuu. Shuu pulls a boomerang out of the guy standing behind him and knocks the gun out of Newt’s hand.

“Didn’t I tell you to calm down? Don’t make me angry.”

Shuu is nominated for president by the drug dealer. The vote takes place by clapping. Shuu is the only name on the ballot. He wins hand-ily.

Shuu, now the king of the school, begins planning how to most efficiently allocate resources by dividing students into a caste system based on their Void power level.

12 thoughts on “Guilty Crown 14 — Belch

  1. I skim through an episode every now and then, depending on how inspiring your post is. I still enjoy your summaries much more.

    This show just makes no sense. They strip the girls to check for tattoos on their back, which they dont have. And Shuu reveals himself after the girls were ‘proven innocent’. WHY?! Either save them beforehand or don’t bother

    1. Once the great Ouma Shuu is associated with Undertaker, they aren’t terrorists anymore. They’re FREEDOM FIGHTERS.

  2. Shuu is nominated for president by the drug dealer. The vote takes place by clapping. Shuu is the only name on the ballot. He wins hand-ily.


    1. The legendary heroe who rose to save the school in its time of greatest need. He shall be remembered throughout the ages.

  3. That boomerang side-character’s terribad hairstyle makes me laugh every time he appears on screen. Also, that whole scene with Newt killed me: “You’re telling me that the government that decided to close off the whole centre section of the city filled with living people, sent in robots to brutally massacre the survivors, and bulldozes the land with massive walls LIED to us about setting us free if we turned in Funeral Parlor members?! NO WAYY!!!”

  4. OH MA SHOE!! Hare wants you to be her “king” Lolol at least she is a good healer…he might want to hang onto her for a while.

    So Ayase got episode 13 and Tsugumi got episode 14? Hooray? I guess Tsugumi has been quiet lately and needed more MISSILE KICCCCKKK! In the episode, I wanted her void to be something better…now she is just freaking Naruto with moe shadow clones.

    Agreed what a dumb ass episode T___T

    Inori killing people was awesome…I wonder if she enjoyed that? But honestly that probably wasn’t her fault after all she is a trained fighter! Unless Gai trained her to attack if anyone tried to force her to do anything xD

    1. now she is just freaking Naruto with moe shadow clones

      Haha, yeah, this void is quite dumb. It’s not like the rest haven’t been contrived to precisely fit the situation either, though…

      I do wish we could have seen her beat up those people. How to instantly make this show a thousand times better: have Inori smile for the only time we’ve seen as she bashes their heads in.

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