Jormungand — First Impression

“Her name is Koko she is loco…” Well, I was going to say the music was pretty good, until… that. Still, the rest of the music was good, I particularly liked the African music (?) in the  opening scene. The animation was also excellent:

And I do appreciate a show that has hair characters with physically possible hair colors. It’s odd that I even have to mention that, but it’s fairly uncommon.

I like most of the characters so far. The show did a nice job of introducing them, switching between different cars and having everyone comment on the new kid. No time wasted with long introductions.

The one character I can’t get behind, though, is Koko. See what the big guy said. Also her voice just kind of grates on me.

She does present some excellent yuri possibilities, however.

The battle scenes were quite exciting, and the presentation is excellent. I’m not sure why they’re even fighting though. The kid’s decision to join the group especially doesn’t make sense. “I hate arms dealers and want to kill them all! But… they’re nice people! Who hired me to murder people! I’ll stick with them.” Of course, the point of this show is action, action, action, and in that regard it succeeds as a piece of brainless fun. I’ll keep watching.

2 thoughts on “Jormungand — First Impression

  1. I’m a bit torn about this show. I liked the music as well and they had some very nice paintings of the town (like in your first picture). Apart from that the quality of the artwork looked a bit uneven to me. Some objects, in particular the guns, are drawn very, very detailed while e.g. during the car chase the background was very simple, almost abstract. Maybe the creators should just get rid of the characters and produce a slide show of gun paintings? As gun porn, I prefer this one to Upotte!, though.

    I don’t quite understand your remark on the hair colours. The boy (your second picture) looks like an albino but with dark skin. Koko looks like a draft sketch someone forgot to put colour on.

    I don’t understand the plot and the kid’s motives, either. If I find the time maybe I’ll follow this nevertheless for the nice drawings.

    1. I guess white isn’t exactly the most common hair color… but it’s more natural looking than the pink, green, blue and purple we usually see in anime. 🙂 When I first started watching anime, I thought it was the most wacky thing ever that these people had such ridiculous hair colors. Now I barely even notice anymore.

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