Jormungand S2 — First Impression

Much the same as the first season. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I do like how they seem to be drawing things into a larger, overarching story. One of the weaknesses of the first season, I felt, was the disconnectedness of it all. It was just a few arcs of fighting against seemingly random people. Now all the characters are coming together into one larger plot, and it looks like Koko’s mask is going to break and we’re going to discover some of her motivation.

Also I don’t remember that guy who’s a traitor at all from the first season. I guess he must not have done anything important.

2 thoughts on “Jormungand S2 — First Impression

  1. I enjoyed Jormungand last season because it was different and Koko was an intriguing character. As far as I could tell, they then started adding characters for the sake of adding characters. Nothing made a whole lot of sense, but it managed to hold it all together with some decent action scenes and (some) interesting character dynamics.

    Then came the last episode. There had been hints about Valmet’s past throughout the series and it was finally leading up to a climax. They could have ended the season with a dark message about the futility of revenge. But no, they magicked everything away and nothing actually changed.

    Those last few scenes left such a bitter taste in my mouth that I barely wanted to watch this season. Jormungand has the potential to be something, but after the way last season ended, I’m starting to lose hope. It certainly doesn’t help that this first episode was so underwhelming.

    1. Last season’s ending was pretty lame. Now those two are working together on the same ship… some unstoppable quest for revenge that was.

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