To Love Ru Darkness — First Impression

Why am I even watching this?

For what it is (a pandering fanservice show) it’s not bad, I guess. It’s not good either, of course, but eh, whatever.

I do like the two sisters much better than Lala. The less screentime Lala gets the better, in my opinion. I find her annoying. Why do so many people find vapid stupidity attractive?

14 thoughts on “To Love Ru Darkness — First Impression

  1. Yes! This harem series is terrible and I agreed Lala’s sisters are far more interesting than her and we don’t have to deal with her crap inventions screwing up every week, but hopefully the story picks up even though 50% of the actual story involves Momo building a harem for the MC-Kun ahah

  2. i have a brand new anime or manga featuring a normal 17 year old boy named Adam Lee he lives in Tokyo Japan and attends high school he rescues a girl named Dawn she has red hair pale light white skin brown eyes she is statuesque and athletic she is a genius her dad was a alcoholic and a smoker who likes to gamble his name was Thomas at age four she sold her own daughter to a mafia/ triad crime boss and his henchmen to be a personal sex slave the crime boss is named Seth Yang . Dawn has super large breasts and a big ass she is 16 years old when she gets rescued by Adam she lived in a abandoned warehouse. Dawn’s eyebrows, nose, lips, ears, tongue, clitoris, anus, navel, and her nipples would be pierced she would wear a collar on her neck she has scars from abuse from when she would disobey her former masters she is naked her red hair is very long her masters would also force her to do chores in and out of the warehouse when she is outside of the warehouse she would wear a ragged torn Japanese sailor suit inspired schoolgirl uniform that bares her midriff along with the undersides of her breasts it also has a dangerously short skirt she does wear any bras or panties or even footwear when inside or outside her warehouse residence. Dawn is later allowed to use a twenty times forty centimeter plastic food wrapping that is transparent along with sticky tape to use as a replacement for a bra and a white sumo wrestling loincloth worn by men but her loincloth is very thin and the front side is very short it barely covers her pussy it makes her butt stick out and it digs into her pussy this serves as her underwear she also has a red loincloth, a blue loincloth, a yellow loincloth, and a black loincloth as well along with a azure loincloth, a cyan loincloth, a brown loincloth, a green loincloth, a gray loincloth, a magenta loincloth, a orange loincloth, a pink loincloth, and a violet loincloth each for a different occasion.

  3. later after she is rescued by Adam she gets her collar and her piercings removed by Adam and she is taken to a hospital for treatment she tells Adam to pack her plastic food wrappings her sticky tape and her various colored loincloths along with her clothes in a plastic bag for when she is done with her hospital treatment some weeks later she is released from the hospital. Adam then buys for Dawn a new uniform.

  4. Dawn would modify her new uniform to expose her midriff expose the undersides of her breasts and make the skirt portion very short and remove the arm sleeves making it sleeveless she would still wear her plastic food wrappings and her sticky tape Adam also purchases new underwear for Dawn this one is very small and only covers her pussy on the tip of it there is a small rubber ball her underwear has a string made from nylon it is almost invisible for keeping her underwear on the string is tied on her waist and the rubber thing is put in her anus it is designed not to come out easily and the underwear has no extra material to cover her butt her new underwear comes in the colors similar to the loincloths she once wore.

  5. Dawn likes the front side of her new underwear and she promises to be Adam’s soulmate for the rest of his life and her life since Adam treats Dawn better than her former masters.

  6. Adam gives Dawn more independence than her former masters and allows her to have a social life and even take part time jobs to earn her own money to buy things she wants or needs she later meets Adam’s parents whose names are Daniel and Lola Lee they officially adopt Dawn and she now becomes Adam’s younger adoptive sister and they also agree on making Dawn become Adam’s future wife.

  7. we also see that on Dawn’s new underwear there is a small amount of string that connect the rubber ball thing to her underwear that is also very thin she buys for herself some new underwear that are similar to her other ones but this time include air force blue, baby blue, cornflower blue, dodger blue, royal blue, sky blue, steel blue, tufts blue, true blue, cerulean, carbon black, dark purple, ebony, graphite, jet lignite, mars black, midnight blue, olive, onyx, raisin black, rich black, sable, smoky black, super black, taupe, blue gray, blue green, byzantine blue, cobalt blue, duke blue, electric blue, indigo, iris, light blue, navy blue, non photo blue, palatinate, periwinkle, powder blue, purple, sapphire, teal, turquoise, and ultramarine in color.

  8. we also see Dawn’s unique underwear also comes in the colors of blood red, bole, bronze, buff, burgundy, camel, chestnut, chocolate, citron, coffee, copper, cordovan, coyote brown, desert sand, drab, ecru, eggplant,fallow, gold, khaki, lion, liver, mahogany, maroon, mummy brown, russet, rust, seal brown, sepia, sienna, tan, tawny, umber, wheat, aqua, aquamarine, jungle green, robin egg blue, spring green, verdigris, acid green, android green, cadmium pigment, chartreuse, electric green, forest green, jade, jungle green, lime, sage, spring bud, vert, middle gray, cadet gray, gunmetal, peach black, platinum, silver, slate gray, amaranth, baker miller pink, cerise, crimson, fuchsia, red violet, mulberry, orchid, plum, raspberry, and rose.

  9. we also see that Dawn’s unique undies also come in the colors of apricot, amber, champagne, coral, international orange, mango, marigold, old gold, peach, safety orange, saffron, scarlet, salmon, seashell, sunset, tangerine, cyclamen, mauve, puce, ruby, blush, candy apple red, cardinal, carmine, carnelian, fire engine red, lava, oxblood, red wine, earth tone, color of water, sanguine, turkey red, wine color,dregs of wine, heliotrope, lavender, lilac, violet light, anti flash white, argent, beige, carnation, cosmic latte, cream, eggshell, ivory, lemon chiffon, magnolia, pearl, vanilla, chrome yellow, flax, goldenrod, harvest gold, jasmine, jonquil, lemon, maize, mikado yellow, mustard, school bus yellow, selective yellow, straw, and titanium yellow in color.

  10. in a different anime or manga we meet a normal 31 year old man named Micheal Lee he lives in Tokyo Japan in the year 4099 he teaches high school here in the future back in the 21st century there was world war 3 which destroyed human civilization here what was once Tokyo Japan has been rebuilt as alpha city which is full of half human half plant or animal hybrids.

  11. i have a new anime or manga featuring a normal 33 year old man named Alexander he is a workaholic businessman who works in a office he meets a goddess named Venus.

  12. we see that Venus has very blond hair blue eyes pale light white skin she is statuesque and athletic she has super large breasts and a big ass she wears a black kimono with a yellow obi a set of golden beads and a ornately detailed headband her kimono has a red interior and is open at her shoulders she does not wear any bras or panties she would wear wooden sandals on her feet she does wear blue star shaped pasties on her nipples and a white loincloth that looks like a thong or a g string.

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