Kill la Kill 18 — Burn Your Clothes


Oh Satsuki, such an exhibitionist…

So it turns out that not only do girls wear clothing, but some girls ARE clothing. This includes Ryuuko, who is actually Satsuki’s imouto (anyone shipping this yet?), and whose mother tossed her in a dumpster immediately after giving birth and proceeding to perform human experimentation on her.

It seems that my speculation was off about what the original life fiber actually wants, since the original life fiber appears to actually be Satsuki’s mother. Still, it seems like the original fiber’s descendants don’t necessarily agree with it. At least Senketsu and Ryuuko don’t.


Satsuki also finally got her come-uppance. It took a while, but the wait was worth it.


Her face in that slow motion fall was especially hilarious.



As we’ve said before, Satsuki dominates her clothing. Their relationship isn’t anything like the relationship Ryuuko has with Senketsu, who works together with her. Senketsu wouldn’t let anyone else wear him, like Satsuki’s uniform does. Satsuki’s mother states this all much more elegantly though.

Further Thoughts


Slight understatement there.



Seeing Ryuuko pluck a thread out of her own brain was pretty dang awesome.


The butler should have just taken care of this by himself…


This… I don’t know. This woman is supposed to be fashionable but I really cannot see it.

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