Samurai Flamenco 17 — Armored Politician Izanagi


This show is glorious.

It just keeps escalating and escalating, getting more and more ridiculous. I can only imagine what the people who dropped it with Guillotine Gorilla would be saying now had they kept watching it.


Next is ALIEN Flamenco. LMAO. And there’s enough time left that I highly doubt this will be the final villain. What’s next? Universe Flamenco?

Further Thoughts

The Prime Minister’s 91% is a higher approval rating that Jesus has in America.


Mad stationary scientist continues to be boss. Not only does his car drop thumbtacks, he also equipped it with the Mario Kart feather. Oh and the thumbtacks dissolve in a few minutes so they don’t create a hazard for other people.


This episode almost had me in tears. The insights into politics from the above scene were deeper than most anime, which generally amounts to “doing bad things is bad!”



But later on they actually have some pretty insightful political commentary. The people do want to be tricked. They want to believe that they’re doing good. Fighting the good fight and winning. That they’re the best. Fighting good fight against the socialists, the racists, the Chinese, the Satanists, whatever. The people want to believe that they’re the heroes.


It’s the politician’s job to convince the people that they’re the heroes. The politicians are indeed entertainers.


Somehow I doubt that… Glad Flamenco Girls are back.


And of course I would be amiss if I didn’t mention how badass Gotoh was this episode. First he single-handedly fights off an entire SWAT team without even breaking a sweat. Then he poses and declares himself as Samurai Policeman. GET OUT GOTOH!

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