Kill la Kill 19 — The Resistance


Wasn’t expecting a timeskip of a month. It worked great though. It’s hard to identify with Satsuki and friends when they seem to come from this position of overwhelming power. You have to knock them down to size first.

When this show started, there were lots of people claiming it was the exact same thing as Gurren Laggan. I wouldn’t go anywhere near that far, but there certainly are similarities. Gurren Laggan also had a timeskip, and after it, Simon and friends were also wanted by the people in power (who were once their allies). Simon even ended up in prison for a short while. Now Satsuki languishes in prison wile her mother nearly destroys her comrades. The show itself is radically different from Gurren Laggan and I wouldn’t say it’s a “clone” by any means, but they do share similarities in the structure of the narrative.

This was mostly a setup episode, letting the weight of last week’s events and their impact over the course of a month sink in, so I don’t have too much to say. A very effective episode for its purpose, this kind of slowing down is necessary even in a show supposedly well know for its fast pacing like Kill la Kill.

Further Thoughts

I like how her heart is sitting beating on the floor but Ryuuko doesn’t care, her only concern is whether Ragyo is her mother. Also please let Kill la Kill end with Ryuuko and Satsuki tearing their mother to shreds with the scissor blades and saying, “Now you’re a Rag, yo.”


Some excellent Mako and Gamagoori shipping in this episode. Also is it just me or does Gamagoori keep getting bigger and bigger?


And I love seeing the Elite Four in Nudist Beach gear now wwwwwww


I guess if Ryuuko is clothes she doesn’t need to wear clothes anymore. Still this is a bit mean to her friend here. Plus he’s her only friend of the same species, they should stick together. There’s no rule that clothes can’t wear clothes anyway. That’s like wearing a jacket over your shirt. Nothing wrong with that. Anyway, monsters are awesome, Ryuuko should be excited that she is basically immortal and can kick ass even without her clothes on.


Line of the week.

4 thoughts on “Kill la Kill 19 — The Resistance

  1. That. I could never stand the stereotypical “I’M A MONSTAAAAHHHHH” moping. Being human is overrated anyway. You have a face, two arms, two legs, and a body that generally anyone could consider human (and a nice enough one, as well), and that’s enough to integrate with society. You also have self-awareness and, supposedly, not less free will than any other human being. Surely, there may be inconveniences, as in “human medics won’t be able to cure me ‘cos my internal organs are different”. And the legal technicalities must be hell. But you’re freakin’ IMMORTAL. Less complaining, more kicking ass.

    Luckily, being Kill la Kill what it is, they’ll probably get over this crisis in the cold opening of the next episode.

    1. I think it’s more that she hates to think that’s shes just like her mother. It was easy to dehumanise Ragyo has a fiber monster (even within the short time they meet) but now she realise that shes the same. Hopefully she’ll come to her senses and see that people control their cloths and not the other way around. (beside Senketsu)

      1. Hm, that does make a certain amount of sense. Ryuko had been fighting against Ragyo long before she realized Ragyo was a fiber monster though. As you say, hopefully she realizes that being a fiber monster isn’t really Ragyo’s problem.

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