The Week in Anime, Winter 2014 #2


Hamatora: Continues to be the wittiest show of the season.


Hunter X Hunter: Who’s shipping this?

Golden Time: This car thing is so dumb. Yes, it is entirely Koko’s fault. Yes, her dad is an asshole for slapping her, and so are her friends for just staring and watching while she lays on the ground crying. No, just because she got in a car accident does not mean she is a worthless human being. I got in a car accident too once. This tree ran into me in a parking lot. Didn’t even apologize. Asshole.


Strike the Blood: Just what this show needed.

Log Horizon: Been so good lately. Much better when the politicking has actual consequences. And evil glasses are much better than scheming glasses.

Witch Craft Works: Still rooting for the wincest end. That’s how much the lead female sucks.


Wizard Barristers: The lawyers and judges are criminally incompetent. At least this show is evenhanded in that the police are as well.


Nagi no Asukara: I can understand her anger, but that was the cruelest thing I’ve ever heard.

2 thoughts on “The Week in Anime, Winter 2014 #2

  1. -I regretted not watching Hamatora sooner. I watched episode 1 just now and I am eager to watch six more.
    -Dropped the dumb anime Golden Time long ago.
    -Strike the Blood: still waiting for the blonde girl to gets her turn. Lol.
    -Log Horizon: I want to see more of the princess’ relationship rather than some dumb bonding between four kids.
    -Wizard Barr: dumb policemen, dumb judges, dumb lawyers, dumb prosecutors, yet the country is still running. And, yeah, rocket launchers totally work on magical, huge metal dragon, no wonder they don’t need to employ wizards as peacekeepers.

    1. Hamatora’s not bad. The gayer the better. The serious episodes are a bit of a let down though…

      Yeah, can’t wait for blonde girl. Best girl by far. But the smart girl always loses…

      Yeah, princess is the best. I like Rudy and Isuzu too though. Shrine maiden girl is starting to grate on me.

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