Kill la Kill 21 — The Half-assed Mindset


Psycho Ryuuko does have a point. The way her father went about creating Senketsu really is half-assed. Humans and life fibers are supposed to work together and live in harmony, but the only way they can do so is by maintaining this artificial distance between each other. Is that truly living in harmony, or is it simply tolerating one another?


But whatever, who cares, because Psycho Ryuuko beats the shit out of Satsuki and it’s frickin’ AWESOME. Yeah who cares about good or evil or whatever, this is what I want to see. Satsuki writing in the ground in pain while Ryuuko beats her to a puple. The SATISFACTION we have all demanded since the series began.


Too bad Mako reached through to Ryuuko and she is no longer fighting with Satsuki. I wonder if Mako is actually a life fiber too. That could explain her superpowers, her non-human intelligence and her ability to be absorbed into Ryuuko’s bloodstream and interfere with Ryuuko’s memories.


Also, Senketsu is a rapist.


And this scene with Nui was hilarious. It’s not just raining blood afterwards, it’s more like a tsunami of blood.

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