Samurai Flamenco 19 — Lies, Damn Lies!



As someone about to complete my doctorate, I can attest that with 100% certainty this is not the case.

Just when everyone was, “Why didn’t the show end last week?” Samurai Flamenco once again defies expectations and reveals that it’s just getting started. This is why I didn’t share these concerns last week. If there’s one thing this show has shown us over and over again, it’s that even if we have no idea what’s going on, the creators have everything planned out and know where they’re headed.


Now that Samurai Flamenco has won, there’s love and peace everywhere.


Frankly, it’s disgusting. And Flamenco Girl is right. It’s peace, but it’s a false peace. We haven’t seen much to indicate why it’s false, but it sure feels that way.


And however the peace is enforced, it still doesn’t resolve the fundamental problem of the human condition. Gotoh’s girlfriend is still dead. The world is still filled with suffering. And there’s absolutely nothing Masayoshi can do about it. He’s powerless. For a hero like Masayoshi, or even for an ordinary hero without superpowers, there is nothing that can be done to reverse death.


And now the kid from the earliest episodes shows up and parrots Samurai Flamenco’s speech back at him. He’s being a nuisance, dragging the entire universe along in his dreams of peace. The world is filled with conflict for a reason, because people have things they want to fight for.

PS Am disappointed Gotoh’s girlfriend is dead, I was 99% sure he hadn’t been on a date for a year because he was actually gay for Masayoshi

2 thoughts on “Samurai Flamenco 19 — Lies, Damn Lies!

  1. Masayoshi can save the Universe from the convoluted machinations of a mighty amalgamation of 5 billion alien lifeforms, but he can’t save his best friend ;_;

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