Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? 10

Kore wa Zombie Desu ka has been losing it’s pace and humor the past few episodes, but in this episode it seemed like it’s headed back on track for a decent finale. For  the first time, there was a good balance of the comedy and plot – in the past they had half an episode of srs bsns followed by half an episode of whale hunting, but here it was actually interleaved so it became neither too heavy nor too ridiculous (if there even is such a thing). For example, Haruna and Yuki’s reversed gluing job after Ayumu was attacked, and Ayumu chasing Eu into the sky after she left.

Tomonori managed to become much less annoying in this episode, probably because her interactions were largely with Haruna and Sera instead of playing newlyweds with Ayumu. Haruna and Tomonori do make a great pair with their complete idiocy. There’s still been no explanation whatsoever about what was supposed to have happened to Tomonori last episode with her golem transformation. But if the creators want to pretend that never happened I’ll play along.

I’m wondering if Sera has become either a vampire ninja zombie or a vampire ninja necromancer now that Eu gave her blood. I’ve been waiting nine episodes now for Ayumu to become a magical girl zombie vampire ninja but at this point it just doesn’t seem like it was meant to be.

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