Kuzu no Honkai — First Impressions

Two pieces of trash start making out and pretend they’re with the one they actually love.

I can understand this since I’m trash too.

I love the manga and the anime is off to a great start too. It did a great job at capturing the feel of the manga, very introspective and personal with lots of glances and internal monologues but few spoken words.

Not sure about the thing with the manga panels, but whatever.

I’m not sure about the brother and the music teacher— they aren’t stereotypical enough, if that makes sense. I would say the brother should be more of a typical loser harem protagonist, and the music teacher should be even more of the ideal Japanese women.

Anyway you all are going to enjoy this.

5 thoughts on “Kuzu no Honkai — First Impressions

  1. Have you caught up with the manga? The last chapter about “onii-chan” and the music teacher had me in stitches for 2 full minutes. So much for not being stereotypical enough, I guess 🙂

    I thought that Lerche handled the show (which I considered impossible to animate on public TV before) exceptionally well, probably thanks to the director, who also did White Album 2

    Hope they keep going strong!

    1. Yeah I’m all caught up. It’s going great. 🙂 And yeah, what you’re talking about is exactly why I think they should be more stereotypical. I mean, given how they were portrayed at the start of the manga, who could even imagine that would happen?

  2. When you say “brother”, are you talking about Narumi? Because I was under the impression that he is not Hanabi’s real brother, but instead a close family friend.

    1. Yeah, that’s right. Anime brothers are never blood related though. At least that’s what they always claim.

    2. he’s her neighbour not Brotherhood but he has treated her like his lil sister because she’s younger than him

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