Little Busters Review — F


Lolis with bright hair colors play baseball and recover from trauma.

Yeah, I didn’t actually finish this. I watched the first eight episodes and then fast-forwarded through the rest. But I saw enough to know that I hate it.

This is even bad by Key standards, which are already pretty low. It can occasionally be sort of funny. But there’s only so many times having people whack each other with random items is actually funny.


  • Storytelling – F – Cute girls cry.
  • Voice – F – I hate Key.
  • Characters – F – No.
  • Attention Grab – F – Considering I couldn’t bring myself to actually watch it…
  • Production – F – Those faces are hideous.
  • Overall – F

Recommendations – The only Key shows I’ve seen that weren’t terrible are Angel Beats and the Clannad Tomoyo OVA.

10 thoughts on “Little Busters Review — F

  1. Seriously a garbage review, if you don’t like Key why would you even bother? Also the very fact that you place something like Tomoyo OVA or AB! above something After Story in itself makes you a disgrace, the addition that you watched a series you had little to no chance of enjoying then bitching upon the predictable result simply makes you a disgrace.

    Heck you didn’t even give proper reasoning as to why you disliked it, you should be banned from reviewing anything. Knowing your immaturity you will likely end up deleting this comment also.

    1. Sheesh. You act like he insulted your own mother. I loved LB myself, but it’s not like I would be offended by someone who didn’t and in all fairness Tomoyo’s story was pretty good.

    2. Sorry I don’t like some things you do?

      To be fair I place the Tomoyo OVA above After Story because I dropped Clannad midway through the first season and never even got to After Story.

      Also I love how everyone who gets pissed at me claims I’m going to delete their comment.

  2. Oh man, I’m sure glad I wasn’t the only one who hated Little busters. I had EVERY episode on 2-4 x fast forward since I started it this season.
    some of the voices were just so annoying and there was possibly only one good arc between the twins.

  3. Coming from someone who liked Key stories before, and who was elated about this series for nearly 5 years until I finally played it and realized how crappy it was…..I loved the premise of the “secret of the world,” but Maeda never really develops on it because he’s content with moe girls doing banal things. One reason Maeda is popular is he knows how to make dramatic and memorable twist endings (even if he milks the sentiment;) so all we remember are the final 5% of a series, and when people ask what it’s about you don’t say “school life,” you instead think about dramatic rescues and the ever reused I think therefore I am existence mumbo-jumbo.

    I can’t speak for the anime since I rejected it DURING episode 1 (how can the VN’s OP be better than the anime?!), but I’m quite familiar with the visual novel.
    There were still parts I loved like when Kengo jumps out the window and saves that chick.

    …As you’ve heard, the ending is better, even if it’s a little overhyped. My advice to you is to ignore all of the next season (I swear it doesn’t matter anyway because they’re just going down minor character’s routes), and watch the last two episodes of Refrain to see the most polished part. Throw away the rest of the garbage. That’s what I’m doing and Kyosuke is my avatar…

    1. Not a bad idea. Maybe I should do this with Clannad too (still haven’t watched the second season).

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