Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica 10

In this episode SHAFT takes a play from Higurashi’s book and looks at the possible futures Homura has gone through and her transformation from someone even less decisive than Madoka into a total badass. The contact lenses and stolen weapons helped too. It turns out that shotguns are stronger than magic wands, even if you’re a magical girl. Oh, and Madoka finally became a magical girl and Mami came back to life (each multiple times). LOLOLOLOL

Now both Homura and Madoka have been fleshed out quite thoroughly. These were the only characters that were missing, so I’m expecting the rest of the show to head straight to the climax. Still, one question has noticeably not been answered – what did Madoka wish for all the other times she became a magical girl? Perhaps a wiser wish could lead to a brighter future, particularly now that she knows more about Kyuubey’s true nature beforehand. Such as wishing for a xenocide of all the Kyuubey aliens and the witches and the return of the souls of the magical girls. I highly doubt this will happen though, or any particularly cheerful ending for that matter. The best I would hope for is either a reset ending, given the creators’ history, or Homura dies but Madoka doesn’t. Or Madoka wishes she could stop Homura from becoming a magical girl and the universe explodes, or they become yuri time travelling pals and abandon the world to its fate.

The pacing was particularly excellent this episode – by the time the episode was over I hadn’t even realized we’d passed the halfway mark. The music was integrating very well and served as a driving force. Needless to say, the animation was beautiful as well, particularly in the scenes of the Witch’s realms and the Walpurugis Night. They had more variety than usual in these scenes as well.

An aside: In case you haven’t seen it already, I highly encourage you to check out this Homu-homu Homura-chan video.

3 thoughts on “Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica 10

  1. hmm.

    I think you got that wrong.
    She doesn’t wear contact lenses. In the original timelines she had glases and a heart disease. But after she gets proficient with her powers and changes her look she also modifies her body so that she doesn’t need them anymore and also fixes har illness. Since that body is now just a shell that is controlled by magic she just restored it a bit.

  2. Again, I am reminded of Madoka’s mother’s speech. Her mother said that it is better to make mistakes when young then as an adult. In the previous loops, Madoka acted like and adult…and things did not end well. In this loop, she is acting like a child. This suggests that her not being a strong adult in this loop will be a game changer…that is *if* she doesn’t start acting like a strong adult…

    1. That’s a good point which I hadn’t thought of – Madoka’s actions in this timeline have been very much in keeping with her mother’s advice. It’s debatable to what extent her mother’s advice has worked so far though, since Kyoko and Sayaka did stop fighting but have both died. But whatever the result, it does seem like it will be different from the prior timelines.

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