Mahouka 13 – 14 Notes

Ugh. Finally caught up. This is painful.

Episode 13




  • These three other girls won the tournament! Good work, Tatsuya! … Jesus.


  • Tatsuya’s only flaw: modesty.
  • Tons more gibberish about magic.


  • Now their opponents talk about how awesome Tatsuya is and how it’s all their fault they won. Jesus.


  • This is such a shitty sport. The girl wins by blinding all of her opponents? Such fine sportsmanship. I mean genius, who would ever think of such a brilliant strategy? Probably they just didn’t ban it in the rules because no one else ever had such a legalistic, dickish imagination as Tatsuya. Also I like how this entire race consists of this grinning after she blinded her opponents and the camera lingering on her shaking boobs and ass. Classy.


  • And now she’s crying that she won? Because she always wimps out during matches? Well, I guess incapacitating your opponents before they cross the finish line is one way to overcome your limitations.


  • “I’ve hardly ever won before!” Well, when Tatsuya is your engineer, even an incompetent person like you can win.


  • “It’s all because of you, Tatsuya, that I made it past the preliminaries!” We get it already guys…


  • We are introduced to the bookmakers, who have been interfering to try to make the favorite school (Tatsuya’s) not win. Because if there wasn’t cheating involved there’s no way there would be such a close competition, with Tatsuya’s school not even guaranteed to win if they came in last for all the remaining matches. For some reason, the bookmakers will be “purged” if Tatsuya’s school wins. Probably because they’re actually Chinese terrorists. Since anyone opposing Tatsuya’s victory in anything must be a Chinese terrorist. Very subtle there what with them drinking Chinese tea and all.



  • Tatsuya is such a stiff ass. I don’t understand how any girl could ever love him, even his own sister. And why does she apologize? He’s still awake, why shouldn’t she be?



  • Now Tatsuya calmly discusses violently murdering his entire family, while Miyuki cries because he’s not ready to do it yet. I COULDN’T MAKE THIS SHIT UP GUYS.


  • Back to what Tatsuya does best. Complain that girls’ clothing is too revealing. As Tatsuya says, it’s just an excuse for them to have a fashion show. Girls can’t do sports, and anyway, the only thing that determines whether they win is Tatsuya’s engineering skills.
  • You know, can’t these magicians come up with better games? This is dumb. They’re just screaming at each other while blocks of ice break. Actually, all these sports are stupid. Why not play quidditch or something at least? This would be like if the olympics only had shotput, baseball and curling. Actually, no, I take that back, curling is too much fun to compare to these sports.


  • “Tatusya’s magic sequence is so hot!” I swear… Cue flashback to when she first saw Tatsuya’s magic sequence.


  • All the girls at the party surround Tatsuya and talk about how awesome he is. Again.


  • Oops, I’d forgotten all about that.

This was exactly the same as the last episode except with different girls doing the sportsing. Come on… I guess there is one new development, in that we learn that Tatsuya is planning to violently overthrow his family.

Episode 14


  • Starting out a bit weak. I don’t think we’ve praised Tatsuya enough!
  • Tatsuya and Imouto are naked and reaching towards each other in the OP. Definitely not incest.
  • Now she wins due to Tatsuya’s latest brilliant strategy… that her opponents will not understand that they can surf through shadows while wearing sunglasses! Seriously, has anyone in the history of this magic competition ever attempted to… you know… use magic before?
  • Girls stare off at each other while the wind blows their hair. Whoo-eeee!!! Not-Imouto tells us all how strong Imouto is while they stare at each other over a pit of ice blocks. This is so fucking boring.
  • So sad, Imouto is better at melting ice blocks than this other girl. Now she’s upset. I’m crying guys. This is like what happened to Bambi’s mother but sadder.
  • Oh, two years ago the New Soviet Union invaded Japan and they were repelled by a 13 year-old boy. Really, you don’t say? Wait, there’s a New Soviet Union? Wait, there was a war three years ago? I think I vaguely remember hearing something about a war in the first episode. Some great world-building here! But hey I know all about Vibration Magic, so what does a giant war three years ago matter?
  • Now we get to hear about this other super-genius who changed the world with his research when he was ten years old. But even he admits that Tatsuya is on a completely different level from him!


  • So spells have ranks which change based on context? Fascinating. Haha just kidding, like I give a fuck.
  • Oh, the boys lost again, because someone broke the rules. It’s the only way Tatsuya’s team can lose. Cheaters. But Tatsuya is like Kirito, he always wins, because he’s a beater, not a cheater. Or something.
  • I like how Tatsuya seems happy about the cheating, all smiling and stuff. He doesn’t give a crap what happened to the three people who almost got killed.
  • And of course, I was right. The foul play has been done by a criminal syndicated based in Hong Kong. Chinese terrorists. Not that I’m bragging or anything, a five year old should have figured that out. But seriously, why do the Chinese terrorists give a crap about a high school sporting event…. I don’t even….


  • Yeah like that time you led a hit squad off campus to kill some Chinese for fun.


  • Great job hiding your secret identity Tatsuya. Even the idiot figured it out.
  • More talking about how they won because of Tatsuya. Ugh.


  • Sigh, always the question, isn’t it? And always the same answer. Because you’re perfect at everything. Such humility, making everyone explain it for you again.


  • No shit Sherlock.
  • Oh, now Tatsuya’s worried that if he were chosen instead of a player, it would leave lasting psychological damage because they would be so ashamed. Tatsuya’s such a nice, considerate guy.


  • Yeah, Tatsuya, don’t be such a child! This is your main flaw, your humility! Only children won’t admit it when they’re the best in the world at everything!
  • I like how the big guy just overrides the president without even listening to her objection. Womenfolks can’t actually be in charge!

Fuck. How is it possible to make an anime that’s so fucking boring? They should have adapted my incomplete NaNoWriMo novel into an anime, it was way better than this shit.

Finally I’m caught up with Mahouka. Ugh, that took way longer than I expected. So much pain… Can’t wait till Saturday! *cries*

7 thoughts on “Mahouka 13 – 14 Notes

  1. “These three other girls won the tournament! Good work, Tatsuya! … Jesus.”

    So, is that “Jesus” at the end an exasperated expletive, or you acknowledging Tatsuya with His true role in the order of the world as our Saviour, Protector and Redeemer of our Sins (unless you’re a Chinese Terrorist, Fuck those Guys)?

  2. Dropped Mahouka at that terrible “discrimination” arc. Seems like it only got worse from there. Your reviews, though, are getting better and better. Love dat rage!

    1. Oh it got WAAAAY worse. The last six episodes have made the first arc look GOOD, that’s how bad it’s been.

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