Medaka Box Abnormal Review — F


Medaka Box continues to be the textbook example of how not to do an anime adaptation.

I have read and enjoyed the Medaka Box manga. Which makes it all the more frustrating when the anime adaptation is so downright terrible. My thoughts are pretty much the same as they were after the first season: the creators aren’t even trying. They’re satisfied with making a lukewarm show. I can’t even accuse Guilty Crown and Sword Art Online of that sin. Medaka Box simply has no ambition.

Here are the particulars of why this anime is terrible:

  1. The voice acting sounds completely emotionless, especially for Medaka. She is supposed to be a BEAST, and instead she sounds like a whiny, indifferent little girl.
  2. The animation is hideous.
  3. The voice acting and animation combine to eliminate any vestiges of personality the characters had leftover from the manga.
  4. This part of the manga was a series of battles. Not the best part of the manga, but they managed to make it entertaining. Here, the battles boil down to a bunch of shouting matches. And that’s all the show has. I was bored out of my mind.

In short, the anime has no passion. No, screaming really loud is not the same thing as passion. And if there’s one thing the manga had, it’s an overabundance of passion. The anime is a mass of indifference and consequentially a bore.

  • Storytelling – F – Boring.
  • Voice – F – Makes me want to throw things at the monitor.
  • Characters – F – Takes good characters and makes them boring.
  • Attention Grab – F – I fast-forwarded through most of it.
  • Production – F – Hideous, with awful voice acting.
  • Overall – F

Recommendations – Read the manga.

10 thoughts on “Medaka Box Abnormal Review — F

    1. Never read the manga for that, but I watched the first episode and it was nearly as bad as Medaka Box. You aren’t missing anything here.

      1. The beelzebub manga is actually pretty hilarious. Most of the good jokes were ignored to focus on the stupid lightning gags. As for medaka box, it seems to be typical nisiosin with lots of dialogues on various powers and how they fare against each other but the anime really had no ambition in adapting that. They should have taken a hint from shaft

        1. Yeah, this arc of Medaka Box was mainly weird powers, but after this it completely ditches that and goes into even weirder shit. It’s a pretty interesting manga. Shaft could have definitely handled this better.

  1. This show just plain horrible that make even Adam Sandler movies sound A-OK.

    Edit by Draggle: I don’t mind if you use different names or whatever, but please don’t pretend to be other commenters.

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