Minami-ke Tadaima Review — B


The Minami family continues to lounge around at home.

This is the fourth season, so you should already know what you’re getting into at this point. If not, Minami-ke is a comedy show with a bunch of short skits showing the lives of three sisters and their friends. The first season was pretty good, the second season doesn’t exist, and the third was just okay. Fortunately, the fourth season was more in line with the first, and quite enjoyable.


Hosaka got a lot of screentime, which was wonderful. I particularly liked the skit where Chiaki got brainwashed into liking vegetables.

This show has some great shipping, but I can never decide who to ship. There are too many good choices. It’s even worse than Fire Emblem. Plus I know that none of the relationships are ever going to go anywhere.

  • Storytelling – B – Some pretty funny skits.
  • Voice – C – Follows the well-established precedent set by its predecessors.
  • Characters – B – One of this show’s greatest strengths: a very well established cast.
  • Attention Grab – C – Some of the skits can lose my interest, but at least they’re short.
  • Production – C – Nothing special. I wonder if I should just remove this category from my reviews, seeing as how I generally have nothing to say…
  • Overall – B-

Recommendations – School Rumble, Working, Nichibros

10 thoughts on “Minami-ke Tadaima Review — B

    1. Haha me too. That one’s obvious. It’s the rest that I can’t decide on. Ok the hardest question for me is who to ship with Hosaka.

  1. He should marry his number 1 fan : Chiaki. 😀
    Their performance is the most unforgettable one among all anime I have seen.

    Other pairing:
    Touma x Makoto
    Akira x Haruka

    1. Yeah, those two are the most entertaining together, but the age difference is too much for me to see shipping them.

      Haruka with Akira?? I have to lean towards Natsuki. Although she’s one of the hardest to ship, I can’t really see anyone going all that well with her.

  2. Not that anything’s gonna happen for my otps, but here goes:

  3. I’m quite happy w/ this season: As expected lots of funny skits (besides the veggie song I also loved e.g. the Osaka-ben skit in ep. 12 and teary Uchina in ep. 13). I’m glad that it looked quite nice. It seems to me there was more fanservice than in previous seasons (if these had any, at all); not sure if I like fanservice here as the series is rather innocent. Also, I missed some emotional development: Previous seasons usually had a somewhat melancholic, emotional conclusion. It was here, as well, but very short. I’d have loved, e.g., to get to know a more about the other sides of Haruka or Kana.

    As a sidenote: If this were my blog I’d keep the production category; production is important for my choice of what to watch. I wouldn’t mind if it’s B or C most of the time but the occasional A or D indicates if production is awesome or drags a series down.

    1. Yes, an excellent season. You’re right that there was more fanservice this season (I think we even had two beach episodes). Very little emotional development as well, unfortunately. But I think it got rid of this and focused on the humor, which I can’t entirely complain about.

      I’ll keep the production category then. Thanks for the advice!

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