Moretsu Pirates 08 — It’s Time for Some Piracy!



These cliffhangers… After every single episode, I’m convinced that the next episode is going to be awesome. They always leave us hanging, either with a battle approaching or, for the last episode, a stowaway holed up on board.

But every single time this ends in an anticlimax. This week, they talked to the stowaway, and just invited her on board.

So this week’s cliffhanger has left me wanting more once again, but I fear I will only be disappointed once again.

Arrival of the Princess

At first, the princess seemed boring. A wealthy, beautiful little princess.

The most popular girl in school, with legions of crazed fans.

She does get a few points for running away from home to search for a ghost ship.

Then, when she snuck in the backseat of the car for the ride to the airport (how DID she do that?!) my opinion of her began to rise.

But what really sold me is her impeccable fashion sense. I hope she quits her job as a princess and becomes a pirate.

Nurse, I Hate You

This woman just pisses me off so much. If I knew her in real life she would be my arch-nemesis.

She’s COMPLETELY USELESS, but talks like she knows everything. Recall when the princess arrived. She acts like Marika isn’t being decisive enough, so what does she do? She says, “I don’t know anything. Does anyone know anything?” When no one answers, she orders them to “Get the information quickly.” Then she looks at Marika like she’s saying, “Hey, learn from this how to be a good captain.”

I might be projecting some of this, but I think my main problem with her is simply the way she talks. I absolutely can’t stand her.

Further Thoughts

How did he survive this, much less get in the car?

Marika is learning how to be a captain quickly. Now THAT is a pirate’s grin!

I liked this shot of them after the drive to the airport as well.

8 thoughts on “Moretsu Pirates 08 — It’s Time for Some Piracy!

    1. Yeah, I’m pretty happy with how it’s turning out. Although I would be more happy if it were more bodacious. 🙂

  1. Ahhh yes the princess! She is going to school and wants to tag along on pirate adventures!? I think she ran away from home to become a pirate…she was eyeballing Marika’s clothes like Whoooaaa…I want to wear it! At least she is a nice girl I was expecting some Tsundere like Chiaki.

    Misa I can see coming off as super bossy and you are right sometimes she is so annoying towards Marika. And Kane jumping into the car was hilarious! Lots of derp animation for that.

    This episode was zzzz! All that build up and nope sorry wait next week please…WHY! Nooooooo!! I have a feeling half of the 24/26 episode series will have a “action” episode followed up with a cliffhanger episode = rise and repeat for every few episode.

    1. Haha do you not like Chiaki? But you’re right, she certainly isn’t your typical anime princess.

      I wish there were more action too. I didn’t think this episode was an entire loss though… But I do hope they eventually pick up the pace, although I’m starting to doubt they will.

  2. The cliffhangers are a bit annoying, but I am looking forward to the next episode. Hopefully we’ll finally see the Bentenmaru in action 🙂

  3. I’m not quite sure what to make of this: The Princess sneaks on Bentenmaru and they are just buying her fishy Ghost Ship story? Aren’t they basically abducting Gruier if she is missed at home? Then they “hide” her at Marika’s school in a crowd of admirers?

    I also don’t like Gruier’s hairstyle with these many thin braids (too girly). In RL she would be a spoiled and annoying brat. But this I admit, Misa is even worse. Just watching this fashion disaster of her blue colored strand of hair (I guess this is supposed to look sci-fi) makes my skin crawl.

    On a more general level Misa, Kane and Ririka all are so full of themselves that what Marika is doing seems to be child’s play. But then again, this is so obvious that I expect things to change. This show has started to grow on me, mostly credit to Marika.

    1. When you think about it, the ghost ship story sounds ridiculous… But so does the fact that in the space age there is a monarchy with a feudal castle. For now I’ll just accept it at face value.

      I’m glad to hear someone else can’t stand Misa, Kane and Ririka. Apparently some people actually like them… Ririka I can kind of understand, but Misa?

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