Nisekoi — First Impressions


An inoffensive romantic comedy gets the SHAFT.

I read a good portion of the Nisekoi manga a while ago. It wasn’t anything particularly special, but I enjoyed reading it. An inoffensive romantic comedy, switching back between girls every few chapters, eternally indecisive, with some laughs over gangster antics. I looked forward to an anime adaptation. Until I heard it was being adapted by SHAFT.


What can I say that I haven’t already said before every time a new SHAFT show came out? I am just sick of their style. Have been for years, too. I liked it in the first season of Zetsubou sensei, but hated it more and more with every series that did the same thing. It’s a style of storytelling that ditches the story itself in favor of visual gimmicks. Head tilts, desks in a classroom, chalk breaking, switching perspectives all the time, random text on the screen, Nisekoi has it all. I want to hear a new story, not the same lack of a story I’ve heard a hundred times before.

2 thoughts on “Nisekoi — First Impressions

  1. Yeah, I’ll have to agree on some of what you wrote draggle; the ‘shaftness’ can be a bit much, being quirky for the sake of being quirky. On the other hand, when the shaftness is used properly as a highlighter for people’s reactions, etc.; it helps to hyperbole the energy of the scene.

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