Wizard Barristers — First Impression


Norio Wakamoto is a talking frog who gropes underage girls. Something about wizards lawyers and explosions.

I’m not really sure where this is going. It started out entertaining, I’ll give it that. The fight scenes were pretty cool. The practicing law, not so much.


How can it be interesting with laws like that? How can you even have a law with something vague like this? Why are suspects assumed guilty until proven innocent? The whole lawyer angle makes no sense, and we’re already on the first episode.

If they focus on the fighting it will still be fine. But why do lawyers need to fight? I’m very confused about where this is headed.

The show this most reminds me of is Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou. Hopefully everyone except me has forgotten that show’s existence. In it, a bunch of pubescent girls do magical programming my wearing compromising clothing. I fear this may turn out the same.

Although if I’m honest frog Norio Wakamoto’s groping her was probably the best part of the episode…

6 thoughts on “Wizard Barristers — First Impression

  1. Finally watched this today.
    I can’t help but think that the writer is a noob and the world building of this anime is flawed.
    If we were to live in a world where magic crimes and incidents happen on daily basis, don’t you think that the country will have a better counter measure against it?
    Shouldn’t they hire high level magicians as their cops instead?
    Shouldn’t laser turrets start popping out of skyscraper buildings when a metallic dragon suddenly appear?
    Shouldn’t there be alarms which activate automatically whenever a magic usage is detected?
    The setting I have seen from this episode 1 seems impossible.

    1. Nah mate. It’s a xenophobic society. Wiz are in fewer numbers and human only trust true human. People don’t trusts the Wiz they won’t let them be cop. Normal human are dominating.

      The show itself seems alright but the characters are obnoxious.

      1. How are they going to protect the society if they don’t let the magicians become the cops themselves?
        Can the SWAT, middle aged man and woman from first few minutes beat the metal dragon?
        Wait. This is where the story is greatly flawed too. Why are the baddies robbing some ordinary bank on foot when they have such a fantastic creature?
        Pounce a hole through the roof, won’t you?

        1. If the cops and the lawyers got in a fight, I’m pretty sure the cops would be totally screwed.

          And yeah these bank robbers are pretty dumb. If I had magic and the mind to commit a crime, I would do a much better job.

    2. Yeah, you’d think they’d have better magic countermeasures. It doesn’t seem like they have any countermeasures, aside from hoping they can shoot anyone who uses magic or hoping that a mage is nearby.

      You’d also think there would be some difficulty inherent to learning magic so only those who put effort in (and are thus less likely to go on a murderous rampage) are able to use it.

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