Saki – The Nationals — First Impressions


High school lesbians with superpowers play Mahjong for the third time.

What can I say, if you liked the first two seasons, it’s more of the same. This time we’re back with the main cast, fortunately, so it focuses on characters that it’s possible to care about. That last spinoff was just pointless.


It seems like somehow every single team that they defeated in the past is at the nationals. Oh well, the sidecharacters are the more interesting ones in this show.

Also I forgot how annoying Taco’s voice was.

10 thoughts on “Saki – The Nationals — First Impressions

    1. Bowling girl’s pretty cool. But no pants is obnoxious and the two sisters are completely forgettable. I think there was someone else too but I forgot who she is, so she must be pretty forgettable too.

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