Winter 2014 — First Impressions

Ongoing Series / Sequels: Gin no Saji 2, Golden Time, Hunter X Hunter, Kill la Kill, Log Horizon, Maken-ki 2, Nagi no Asukara, Samurai Flamenco, Strike the Blood

Shorts: Onee-chan ga Kita, pupa, Robot Girls ZStrange+

As always, take this “ranking” with a grain of salt. One or two places don’t mean much.

24. Super Sonico
This is completely pointless.

23. ImoCho
This is disgusting.

23. Nourin
Giant gross mounds of flesh attached to students at agricultural school.

22. Sakura Trick
Lesbians make out.

21. Mikakunin de Shinkoukei
Already forget what happened.

20. Witch Craft Works
Soulless bodies use magic and fight over a non-entity.

19. Hamatora
Bishies solve mysteries.

18. Mahou Sensou
Generic magic fighting with big bouncy breasts.

17. Seitokai Yakuindomo
Lots more dirty jokes. Decent, but will it ever end?

16. Nisekoi
Got the SHAFT.

15. Noragami
Generic shounen ghostbusting.

14. Z/X Ignition
Zillions of enemies X! Lolis riding a firebreathing mecha dinosaur!

13. Saki Zenkoku-hen
Lesbians play Mahjohng. For the millionth time.

12. Space Dandy
Second episode was a huge improvement. Still mostly a quest for tits.

11. Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha
The first episode, and our heroine’s already gotten into her crush’s pants?!!

hozuki_no_reitetsu_01_2 hozuki_no_reitetsu_01_1

10. Hoozuki no Reitetsu
Joking around in hell.

wizard_barristers_01_1 wizard_barristers_01_2

9. Wizard Barristers
Best fanservice of the season?

nobunaga_the_fool_01_2 nobunaga_the_fool_01_1

8. Nobunaga da Foo
Nobunaga teams up with Jeanne d’Arc and Leonardo da Vinci to kick some ass.

d_frag_01_1 d_frag_01_2

7. D-Frag!
Pretty hilarious, damaged by poor production quality. Really want to rate this higher, but honestly it’s not the best adaptation.

nobunagun_01_2 nobunagun_01_1

6. Nobunagun
Awesome when shit is getting blown up. Otherwise mediocre.

buddy_complex_0_1 buddy_complex_0_2

5. Buddy Complex
Pilots hook up… their robots.

tonari_no_seki_01_1 tonari_no_seki_01_2

4. Tonari no Seki-kun
Goofing around during class.

chuunibyou_01_3 chuunibyou_s2_01_2

3. Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai 2
Looks great, continually funny.

pilot_love_song_01_1 pilot_love_song_01_2

2. Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta
Adventure, planes, and romance! But why a damn school.

sekai_seifuku_01_2 sekai_seifuku_01_1

1. Sekai Seifuku

This season feels pretty weak, as there are no new shows that I really consider “great.” Still a solid selection of “decent” shows. Fortunately we have an excellent repertoire carrying over from the last season. I’ll definitely watch most of #17 and up, and probably a couple more.

What do you think of this season’s selection?

8 thoughts on “Winter 2014 — First Impressions

  1. So far, Space Dandy is the only new show that I see any remote potential in. Hard to tell about World Conquest since the second episode hasn’t aired yet.

    Will you be blogging World Conquest then?

  2. My first impressions:

    1. Mikakunin de Shinkoukei – I find it extremely funny and the characters are pleasant to watch.

    2. D-Frag! – Dropped it because the humor is as dry as desert and the slapstick is too much for me.

    3. Z/X Ignition – Basically a shounen version of Fantasista Doll, but with worse pacing and better OST.

    4. Oneechan Ga Kita – The relationship is disturbingly adorable. Kind of a guilty pleasure.

    5. Wake Up, Girls! – Seemed to be darker than idol anime that I watched, but this got good potential. I like the character designs too.

    6. Future Card Buddyfight – The dub reminded me of Medabots. Reasonably casual plot and character interactions makes it a quite relaxing show. The card battles are well played out too.

    7. Tonari no Seki-kun – Seki is very creative with his distractions. That’s the only reason I watched it in the first place.

    8. Minna Atsumare! Falcom Gakuen – Those OOC moments from the characters are very amusing. Too bad that they are not fleshed out.

    9. Youkai Watch – So far, so good, but it will take more episodes to properly judge this one.

    10. Buddy Complex – The mecha designs are bland, but the character designs are good. Hopefully it does not become another Kakumeiki Valvrave.

    11. Go! Go! 575 – A very cute but average series.

    12. Toaru Hikkushi e no Koiuta – The art is superb and the romance is properly paced, but it can go any direction.

    This season is surprisingly good compared to Winter 2013, which I end up only watching Senyuu..

    1. I gave the second episode of Mikakunin a try, and it wasn’t as bad as I remember the first being. May have just been in a bad mood when I watched it. May keep up with this one.

      And I knew I missed some shorts. Looks like I missed a lot of them.

  3. Hijacking draggle’s website:
    Mikakunin de Shinkoukei: I find it quite pleasant to watch as well. It’s weird that draggle doesn’t like it.
    Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai Ren: Adds nothing. Makes me wonder what’s the point of making 2nd season other than KyoAni milking money out of it’s fans.
    Tonari no Seki-kun: Obviously the best short anime so far.
    Buddy Complex: badly drawn characters trying to connect to each other. They are such a nice couple after all.
    Nobunagun: This has the same case as Ars Nova. It’s awesome when they are blowing up stuffs. It’s suck when our main girl had a drama moment with her friend.
    D-Frag: another show with badly drawn characters. They are archetypes too.
    Nobunaga the Fool: Not interesting. The explosions are minimal. And the characters are hatable.

    1. I liked the second episode more. Still not a fan. But I generally hate these kinds of slice of life things, so it isn’t all that surprising. Will stick with it a bit, it isn’t that bad.

      Yeah, Chuuni doesn’t seem to have added anything, but it’s only the second episode. Will give them a chance. And regardless, at least it’s funny.


      Yeah Ars Nova is a good comparison for Nobunagun. Similar good points, exact same problems. Stupid drama, why do you have to ruin everything.

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