Pupa — First Impressions


And the most highly anticipated series of the past three seasons is a crappy short.


Seriously, this was awful. Little sister turns into a monster after a dog explodes. I thought this was cancelled because it was too gory, but the gore was still censored.

I have no desire whatsoever to continue watching this. It’s gross (although I’m not sure if the gore is more silly or gross, the fountains of blood are pretty ridiculous) and the format doesn’t give it enough time to develop anything beyond the barest outline of a story.

4 thoughts on “Pupa — First Impressions

  1. Same as Shin. My love for disjointed, violent, plot-holed trash where the audience is required to fill in the blanks compels me to continue. I didn’t think it was as bland as Yami Shibai (snore) or as incompetent as Jormugand (barf, cleans up, barfs again). At least this one had a cool-looking monster.

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