Mahou Sensou — First Impressions


Some high schoolers meet a fugitive, beat up some magicians, and gain magical powers. Basically Strike the Blood, Shana, etc., except with awful graphics that it looks like they borrowed from Accel World. Usually I’m not too picky with animation but this is one style I absolutely cannot stand. It’s mostly the runaway girl’s face that makes me angry. Yes, her face is ugly.


A lot of the episode makes no sense. The runaway girl pulls a gun and shoots at the MC in school, he isn’t concerned at all. The MC’s wooden sword easily blocks powerful swings from the monstrosity above. The MC’s girlfriend’s new magical power is a “transformation” in which her breasts get bigger. No, I am not making that last one up. Oh, and the MC has a girlfriend! Now that’s unusual for anime.

Will probably watch the next episode since I am a sucker for fantasy, even if it is just generic crap. That’s right, I’m still watching Strike the Blood.

7 thoughts on “Mahou Sensou — First Impressions

  1. yeah, this anime really sucks so far. The main character is retarded and nothing is really interesting. Even the whole brother hate brother thing is stupid. gecko hates takeshi that much… because he is dating isoshima? lame show and a waste of time.

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