Sakura Trick — First Impressions


Another lesbian show with lesbians doing lesbian things.

There’s usually two routes lesbian shows take: 1) the drama route, a la Marimite and Sasameki Koto, or 2) the comedy route, a la Yuruyuri. Sakura Trick opts to take neither of the established paths, instead deciding that showing lesbians attending school, drama-free and without comedy, but with the occasional makeout session, is enough to carry an anime.


They are wrong. Wow was this boring.

19 thoughts on “Sakura Trick — First Impressions

  1. After reading some of your first impressions I can tell you one thing for sure, you’re really difficult to please, it’s almost abnormal O_o

    1. I don’t think he isn’t easy to please…
      He likes Valvrave afterall…
      Just that he likes a certain thing (I don’t know what but I’ll bet you it is something we can say, ‘yeah it can be fit in’), and if that certain thing doesn’t exist he will claim the show not worth it…

      Or he writes like this to gives traffic…
      I don’t know…

      1. Yeah, some things I like, some things I don’t. Some things I like despite realizing that they’re pretty bad (e.g., Mahou Sensou).

        No idea if being old and cynical gives me more traffic…

        1. Hey, I come here because your post is old and cynical (just disagree with ‘another lesbian show’ thing) so yeah it gives you more traffic…

    2. 90% of everything is shit, I’m just pointing it out. There’s usually only a few shows a season that I think are really good. I still watch and enjoy a bunch of the mediocre ones though. (But probably not Sakura Trick)

  2. Another lesbian show, huh…
    The last one we get a lesbian show (not lesbian within a bigger show) in which the kiss within show is consentual is in 2009…
    5 freaking years…
    Another lesbian show, huh…

    Also, I’ll give you cheers if you can give me list of 10 lesbian anime…

    1. 1. Sakura Trick
      2. Sasameki Koto
      3. Kannazku no Miko
      4. Yami to Boshi…
      5. Strawberry Panic
      6. Marimite
      7. Oniisama he
      8. Kashimashi (sort of)
      9. Simoun (sort of)
      10. Yuruyuri

      1. Within 5 years from 2009 to now?

        I’ll play fair, I forget to mention 10 yuri anime within 5 years between 2009 till 2014, so “cheers!”

  3. Another lesbian show!?
    Or your googles are too strong or you are hiding all the yuri animes in a void between dimensions.

    Anyways I disagree, Sakura Trick is amazing.
    I like to watch SoL with cute girls doing cute things. But having only subtext is… getting to my nerves.
    So, Sakura Trick is a blessing!!!

    1. My lesbian glasses are pretty strong. I guess there haven’t been many lesbian anime recently.

      I don’t mind getting past the subtext, but as far as I can tell it threw out any subtlety whatsoever. There’s not much to these characters, it’s just girls making out.

      1. It’s all Yuzu-chan fault.

        Well, I watched the second episode and It’s a blast. Funny and cute.

        Haruka’s imagination is a force to be reckoned with!! Her reactions where hilarious.

  4. Eh, Imma skip this one.

    If they don’t have weird creepy shit in there that I can enjoy in a horror fan’s perspective, then Sakura Trick ain’t for me.

      1. I mean, if they can just make a horror-based show (anime, live action series, anything) that has a gay/lesbian couple, and it’s really more about the horror than ever it was the fluff… that would rake in the fans!

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