Oda Nobuna no Yabou 11 — An Epic Tragedy

Saru’s dead. But they didn’t find the body. I’m sure that he’s actually dead and he won’t just show up again in the next episode like nothing happened. Because they would never pull a lame trick like that. Definitely not.

Further Thoughts

Lots of people I don’t remember died tragic deaths to save Saru’s life. Soul crushing tragedy, this show.

Yay crazy girls. Mitsuhide’s also “dead” along with Saru. Let’s hope she’s already getting the jump on Nobuna in the afterlife.

“My life was saved by the bible cell phone in my pocket!” *gasp*

Because girls in sixteenth century feudal Japan would of course get married in a Christian wedding ceremony.

4 thoughts on “Oda Nobuna no Yabou 11 — An Epic Tragedy

  1. I bet that arm is a dummy that Hanzou prepared. There’s no reason for him to betray monkey just like that. Predictable. But still! I prefer that. It will be shitty if he really died, and Nobuna really turned into a crazy warlord out of sadness.

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