Onii-chan no Koto… 06

In which Nao and Iroha begin the counteroffensive against Kondou. This episode mostly fell flat for me. I think the main issue is that the jokes are getting old and being repeated over and over again. Yes, we realize Iroha is a stalker. Yes, we realize Nao is also a stalker and a pervert. It was funny the first few times (in some cases, it still is, like the scene where they both thought how scary the other one is) but it can only remain funny for episode after episode if they intersperse it with something else. And there isn’t really much there – in addition to the lack of jokes, the entire plot for this episode consisted of more of Nao and Iroha stalking Shuusuke, followed by getting in bed with Shuusuke, followed by stalking Shuusuke, followed by more stalking of Shuusuke with brief BL interludes.

A few of the jokes were mildly amusing- I liked the Monster reference, the saleswomen’s smirk, the brief background hijack by Nao’s friends, and Shuusuke’s BL fantasies with the club president. But they were few and far between. I think the main problem is that all Shuusuke did this episode was let himself be lead around by Kondou to look at her stockings. When he actually takes some initiative the show is much more entertaining.

Additionally, Nao and Iroha’s unholy alliance makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. Why are they getting along so well? Sure, they’re both crazy stalkers, but you’d think that would be a cause of conflict and not friendship… And why does Kondou not seem to be at all surprised to see two girls wrapped around Shuusuke in his bed? These characters just don’t make any sense to me…

I guess the big leading question for the next episode is what kind of affection Kondou has for Shuusuke. I have no idea, but I doubt it’s anything wholesome.

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