Star Driver 19

In which Takuto and Sugata go on a date. Wako tags along as the third wheel. Takuto learns that Wako aced her rape defense course, and Takuto defeats a stealth bomber.

When this show began, I actually found Wako to be somewhat annoying. Compared to all the other crazy members of the cast, she didn’t really seem to offer much. Her only outstanding characteristic was her normalcy (as evidenced by her hair style, which is one of the most realistic in the series). It’s quite spectacular the way the creators have managed to develop Wako into one of the most likable characters in the show.

The main thing that sells her for me is how she manages to simultaneously be such an honest, straightforward person while also being a trickster. She loves teasing her friend and has quite the wicked grin. And she can go from nearly crying at receiving birthday presents to complaining about how cheap they are in a matter of a seconds. As a bonus, her BL fantasies are hilarious (a certain other show this season could learn a thing or two from this…). In so many other shows, the tendency is to make characters whose actions all derive from a single set of personality traits. But Wako is able to be two contradictory things at once, and her multi-faceted personality makes her much more interesting to watch. It’s much more believable as well – consistency has never been a strong point of humans in my experience (not to mention, consistency is boring).

In this episode Wako reveals another facet of her personality – as someone who’s willing to pull a knife on one of her best friends. I’m looking forward to seeing where this will lead.

My only complaint is that the two new villains still annoy me. I just can’t take them seriously when all they’ve done so far is pull pranks and make out with each other. We really need some turnover in the Kiraboshi next week, and based on the preview it looks like we’re going to get it.

Takuto also battled a stealth bomber this week. It’s not quite at the level of a flying whale but we’re getting close. Still, I love the battles in this show. Every time Takuto powers up it’s so ridiculous that I go into a laughing fit which I can’t recover from until the mushroom cloud disperses.

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