Onii-chan no Koto – Episode 2

This episode kicks up right where the last one left off and kept me laughing the whole way through it. Nao’s antics are still hilarious, and Iroha is great as well. All of the characters in this show are… larger than life, shall we say. Even Shuusuke, the male lead isn’t boring at all. He actually takes action instead of just having things happen to him, and isn’t completely irredeemable.

The jokes in this episode were, I think, even more funny than last episode. It was funny when Nao was playing the recorder, and then when Shuusuke played it later I was cracking up. Probably the best part though was Iroha’s “gift” at the end of the episode. Over the past week I read the manga. The show is following it pretty faithfully, and we should have some good stuff to look forward to. I’m especially eager for when Kondou (the class president) will start playing a bigger role.

Glasses are good too.

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