Star Driver – Episode 15

In this episode we get to know more about Mizuno. At first she really annoyed me, just a bubbly happy slightly obnoxious person, but she has slowly grown on me. (her sister Marino was always awesome) Interestingly, there was no fight in this episode, although Mizuno did sing her song. I think that something big is going to happen soon.

The ending is going to be amazing for this show – it has built up so many questions right now, and at this rate it still has plenty of time to answer them. It seems that in the next episode we will discover more about Marino – what is her relation really to Mizuno? They keep dropping hints about how they have the same memories but sometimes both are there and sometime only one. I hope that it doesn’t end up as some “we are the same person” BS. After that, the show will probably give some development to the class president and then finally to Takuto as the biggest mysteries are revealed – what is the Glittering Crux and what is their purpose? What do the Maidens even do?

And my Utena sensibilities are telling me that someone needs to fall into darkness soon. 🙂

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